Innotoria Tower Defense – Strategic Android/iOS Tower Defense Game

If you’re the type of person who take Android gaming seriously, chances are you’re into Strategy based games. Such games are not for players that just wish to pass the time, but for players that want a competitive game which requires combination of skill and logic to advance through the game. If you’re into strategy game, then you must’ve probably heard of Tower Defense (TD) games which are a sub-genre of Strategy games where the objective is to defend your territory or possession from enemy attackers by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack. There are many famous Tower Defense games such as Bloons TD, Plants Vs Zombie (not entirely TD, but similar) which have dominated the strategy gaming market for some time now. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS preview

​Innotoria Tower Defense

I’d like to introduce a brand new Tower Defense game which has just entered the market called ” Innotoria TD (Tower Defense) ” developed by Jing Jun Ma. Innotoria TD is a iOS/Android game, which has a concept that is not any different than other Tower Defense games and difficulty of the game is neither too hard not to easy, perfect for hardcore gamers. The game is available on both iOS and Android Platform. (Click to download.) Best of all, it’s free!

Gameplay and Features

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS character selection

As you open the game, you’ll be asked to register before you can start playing the game and go through a tutorial explaining the basics of the game (make sure to pay attention). The game features huge variety of towers and enemies, of 16+ different towers and 32+ different enemies. Before going into battle, you’ll be asked to pick a hero and 2 pets which grant you spells helpful in mid combat. There are currently 5 heroes to choose from, you get ” Tonvin – The Night Prince ” as a starting hero and can unlock the others as you progress throughout the game. There are also 6 obtainable pets, where you can choose 2 of them before going into combat. The spells aren’t that easy to cast as they’re touch sequence based instead of single touch. If you’re a quick learner, you’ll get the hang of them easily otherwise if you’re like me, it’ll take some time for you to learn how to cast the spells. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS gameplay

During battle, you’ll have access to 4 units by default which you’ll get familiar with during the tutorial and a total of 3 spells, depending on what hero and two pets you chose. As you progress throughout the game, you’ll unlock unit upgrades – meaning you’ll be able to upgrade your unit to increase damage and range. Make sure to wisely spend your cash during battle on units and their upgrades. If you make the wrong placement, you can simply sell the units back for half the price. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS battle lost

​Make sure to keep a eye on the health and cash bar on the top right corner of the screen and to use spells on enemies when necessary. If the health bar is detoriated, you will lose the game and will have to restart the level from the start, unless you’ve a revive potion then you can revive yourself but make sure to use that wisely as well. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS collectibles

The game also contains collectibles which can be collected throughout the game such as mystery bags or through the lucky spin and Gachapon (which uses magic dust). The in game currency is coins (not to be mistaken with in battle cash) and magic dust, which can be used in the marketplace for the Gachapon as mentioned earlier or for purchasing hero/pet upgrades. They can be earned via completing battles, via the lucky spin or the Gachapon AND if you’re too lazy to do that, you can just buy them with real life money. 

Innotoria Tower Defense Game for Android and iOS leaderboard

The game also features talents, achievements and leaderboards where you can compete with other players. (Make sure you’re connected to the Internet or your score won’t count). The game is developing and has much more to offer, find out for yourself. Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think about this game and rate it on the Appstore.


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    sounds like a great game. installing and will let you know.


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