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Arcade games still remain a legend till today, as they’re simple to play and don’t absorb much time. It is what started the era of gaming. Arcade games are a great way to pass the time quickly such as when you’re at the doctor waiting for your turn to come or just need to kill time till class starts. There are many arcade games available on the Google Playstore, but the question arises: Which one should you choose? As it’s not neccassary everyone has a powerful phone enough to go on downloading and storing many Arcade games as possible. You need to take into factors such as: Will the game work fast on my phone? Do I have enough space to store it after downloading? Etc I’d like to introduce an Arcade game called ” Jumpy Jumper ” by Creablo,  which in my opinion is similar to the classic game ” Bounce ” which you must’ve played or heard of, if you ever used a classic Nokia phone. You don’t need to worry about those 2 factors mentioned before, as the game takes up low size and won’t lag unless you have a very crappy smartphone. 

Jumpy Jumper arcade android game available on google playstore

​Jumpy Jumper (click here to download) is an Android Arcade game where you can guess the concept of the game easily from the title itself and the comparison I mentioned earlier. The goal of the game is to keep on Jumping and not fall down. Although it sounds simple enough, the game gets a bit difficult as you progress. Also as you jump, you will encounter collectibles which you should try to collect such as puzzle pieces, which can be used to unlock characters. But there’s more!

Jumpy Jumper arcade android game character unlockables

The gameplay is very simple, all you’ve to do is Tap to jump on the blocks and make sure not to fall down or else game’s over. The faster you move, the higher you’re able to jump. Also if you do a high jump on the wall, you gain a boost which is a lifesaver for me personally as it has saved me many times from falling down. The game has a colorful interface as the background keeps changing as you keep progressing. Apart from just jumping, you can use the puzzle pieces collected ingame to buy new characters. 

Jumpy Jumper arcade android game achievements

The game awards daily rewards, where you can gain 10 credit points for just opening the app daily and there’s a highscore/leaderboard, where if you get bored from jumping whole day, you can try competing with your friends or players worldwide. Apart from that, there also are 25 achievements available, which you can try unlocking if you’re up for a challenge.


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