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There was a time whenever we wanted to buy something, we’d had to go through the trouble of walking out of our home, finding a good store, choosing the right item and then purchashing which altoghether is a tiresome and time consuming process. Now we live in the era of technology, where Internet has become a important part of our life and we rely on the Internet for almost everything and where there is traffic, there will be marketers hence why the Internet has become a widely used platform for marketers. Every business, organisation, cause etc you see will have their own social network profiles which helps them develop better relations with their clients/fans, resulting in increased sales.

Now that online shopping has become popular, we can buy anything we want without having to move a single step, at the comfort of our own home. Online shopping offers many choices, such as (but not limited to): clothes, accessories, food, cosmetics, furniture etc. Just like everything else that is ” perfect “, Online shopping also has it’s fair share of flaws. There are many Online shopping stores available on the net, such as ” Amazon ” and ” EBay ” which marked the rise of Online shopping. Although physical shopping is still more popular than Online shopping, it slowly is taking over and soon might even replace it’s physical counterpart. 

​When choosing a site to shop from, the question arises which online store you should choose from, as there are thousands available. You have to take into factor the quality, pricing, legibility/reputation of the store before choosing. The first obvious stores to come into your mind with respect to reputation, would probably be Amazon, Ebay or Daraz but contrary to popular belief, even they aren’t ” fraud free. ” 

Kraftly - shop online easily

​I’d like to introduce an online store called ” Kraftly ” based in India, which claims to be India’s first C2C mobile flee market for unique products. You can visit their official website and start shopping or download the app and shop on the go. They offer a large variety of items ranging from arts, furnitures, accesories to cosmetics, craft supplies, jewelleries and much more! Not only it allows you to just buy, but you can also expand your own business by setting up a microshop in Kraftly and start selling. 

1. Click here to download iOS Version.
2. Click here to download Android version.

Here are a few more great things about Kraftly!

Smooth interface

​The interface is not too complicated and smooth to browse. After installing the app and signing up, you can get started right away. On the homepage, you will find trending products or featured shops. You can make shopping more easier by using the search bar on top to search for the item you want to buy or just visiting the category the item you wish to purchase belongs in.


Kraftly shop online easily

​As mentioned earlier, you have various items to shop from. Before you can begin buying, you must sign up which grants you access to the many features of Kraftly such as tracking your order, selling, rating, interacting with your buyer via chats etc. After you found the product you wish to purchase, just simply ” Add to Cart ” where you will be directed to place your payment details and address. After placing the order, you will continue to recieve notifications via email and SMS. Kraftly offers you different payment options such as: Credit card, Debit card, Net banking or Cash on delivery which is preferred by many buyers. 


Kraftly marketplace selling

​The great thing about Kraftly is that anyone can become a seller here, no matter whether you’ve a lot of products to offer or just one. You can expand your business by setting up a shop which takes few minutes and start selling. Identification or any form of documentation is not required, all you need to provide is contact details. A online store that doesn’t charge to set up a shop is too good to be true, that’s not the case in Kraftly as you can set up a shop directly without any fees although on every successful order, %5 commission + service tax is charged.


As mentioned earlier, sellers don’t have to provide any form of identitication or documentation which is bad news for buyers, as it can serve as a free pass for fraud or illegal activities. If the buyer ships through Kraftly, they will handle your case in case you don’t receive the item where as if the buyer shipped himself, Kraftly may not be able to assist you. In such cases, you may contact them at

​And apart from that, Kraftly has much more to offer such as discounts, deals on special occasions etc. Make sure to try them out and let us know how your experience went. 

2 thoughts on “Kraftly – Shop easily online

  • 29th October 2016 at 9:50 pm

    installed ! planning on ordering, will let you know how the order went ! 🙂

  • 30th October 2016 at 4:51 pm

    checked out the reviews on play store, doesnt seem so trustable ..


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