best laptops for IT professionals

Let’s cut to the chase,

You’re hunting for the best laptops for IT professionals but unable to pick one that suits your needs and budget.

Don’t worry. We’ve all that managed for ya!

Since all the common IT operations require a computer (laptop), there’s NO WAY around getting one.

But I get it. The laptop market is highly saturated. You see a broad range of laptops. Even dozens of new brands are coming in. As a marketing strategy, each tends to be the best. But believe me, most of the newcomers are CRAP.

In contrast, there are various laptop types tailored for specific purposes. While some are considered a fit for writers, others make a great match for programmers, and so on. So, choosing the most suitable one has become challenging.

Which IT laptop is best for me? How much ram is required for IT tasks? How much storage should I look out for? Is SSD better or HDD?

Above are the common questions beginners come up with when getting into IT. But again, don’t worry. Because I will not only answer these but explain everything that revolves around “Best laptops for IT professionals and students”.

For instance, I’m going to lay down the 6 best laptops for IT professionals. To make this guide easily digestible for IT students, I will avoid the tech-savvy conversation and give you the best recommendations ever.

Believe me, you’re going to love this experience.

Ready? Let’s dive in…

Top Picks – Best Laptops for IT Professionals and Students at First Glance

In a hurry? Consider these top options.

Asus VivoBook 15

Asus VivoBook 15 is so far the best option for IT professionals, administrators, and students. Besides the unbeatable price value, it is armed with incredibly powerful internals, a backlit keyboard, an elegant design, and unbeatable battery life. Plus, the comprehensive connectivity options are another great addition.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire is one of the cheapest options – making it the best laptop for IT students. The reason it’s one of the top picks is because of the inclusion of various advanced features and SSD at such a price. Furthermore, you get to enjoy an IPS display along with a lightweight yet elegant design and a backlit keyboard.

HP Envy X360 2-in-1

If you’re ready to spend over a thousand bucks to buy something professional, comfortable, and powerful at once, HP Envy 2-in-1 is the way to go. Besides extremely powerful processing power, there’s an inclusion of SSD storage along with a bright IPS display. In short, the laptop excels in almost all the important aspects of an IT laptop.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an IT Laptop

Below are some important factors to remember when picking the best IT laptop for you.


The processor plays a MAJOR role in performance. You cannot wait forever for the processor to perform operations. So, the best laptop for IT professionals must have a speedy processor. 

Storage Type

Among the 2 basic storage types (SSDs and HDDs), SSDs are better, faster, and more reliable. Considering SSD storage is better.

Ram (memory)

You want all the processes to be performed lightning-fast and don’t want to run out of memory. So, go for as much Ram as possible (yet suitable).

Storage Capacity

After all, you are going to store a lot of data. Maybe even your games and movies besides the professional files. So, remember the storage capacity before you make a decision.


You don’t want to stick to one place all day and need a portable laptop that you can easily carry here and there. So, look out for a lightweight and highly portable laptop.


Nearly all the basic computer (laptop) tasks are performed by the keyboard. So, make sure to consider an elegant keyboard that is easy to type on.

Battery Life

Of course, you cannot take the charger everywhere and don’t want to run out of power often. Consider longer battery capacity for more comfortability.


After all, you will be looking at the display every time you perform operations. The best laptops for IT professionals must come with a stunning display to calm your eyes.

Note: Scroll down to get to the complete buyer’s guide.

1.  Asus Vivobook 15

asus vivobook 15

Here we’ve got a highly crisp compact laptop recommended especially for IT professionals willing to make a wise purchase. The laptop excels in almost all the important aspects and features an unbeatable price-value – making it the best laptop for IT professionals. This is what not only compelled me to include it but to give it top honors in today’s list. 

As an IT professional, you’re well aware of the technology advancements. So, how awkward would it feel to be carrying a bulky old mobile phone in this age of smartphones? The case is similar here. You don’t want to go around with a bulky workstation weighing over 3-4kg. Thankfully, Asus VivoBook has solved the puzzle – it packs with a lightweight yet elegant design that gives a premium feel in your hand.

Powering our gadget is an efficient and the latest 10th generation core i3 processor coupled with 8GB Ram and 128GB SSD storage. I admit that the storage capacity can be low for some users. But solutions are in place. You can either upgrade (or replace it) or simply buy a portable hard drive. Issue solved. Right?

The laptop features all the essential features you could ask for. While it costs such a lower-than-market rate, you may be wondering whether the display is even acceptable? Hmm. That’s not something to worry about since this VivoBook is powered by a captivating 15.6” display that features an incredibly clear view along with edge-to-edge paneling.

Whatever you use your laptop for, the keyboard quality is something you don’t want to sacrifice. Almost every operation brings the keyboard into use. Isn’t it? Fortunately, this VivoBook features an ergonomically designed backlit-keyboard to allow working in a dark environment.

This IT laptop’s versatility is further aided by the incredible battery life that – with instant charging – gets charged up to 60% (yes 60%) in just 49 minutes. With a lightweight design of 3.75 Lbs, the laptop is one of the most portable 15.6” workstations on the list – making it a great fit for portability freaks like me.

Bottom Line: Asus VivoBook 15, featuring the best price value, is an amazing laptop by Asus. With an excellent blend of the latest 10 generation processor with 8GB Ram, the laptop delivers satisfactory performance. Not to mention the inclusion of other impressive laptop parks like display, portable design, ergo-lift hinge, etc.

Best price value
Powerful hardware components for IT tasks
Storage capacity is a bit low
Ergo-lift design for improved typing position
Lightweight and compact – easily carriable
Check Price on Amazon

2.      Acer Aspire 5

acer aspire 5 

Are you looking for a great blend between efficient internals, wonderful display, and of course, budget, Acer Aspire is what you’re looking for. Though it lacks highly powerful hardware resources, you do get enough performance to flawlessly handle the daily tasks.

We’re living in the world of advancement – in 2021. So, can you sacrifice an elegant, portable, and comfortable design when looking for a laptop? Of course not. That’s why I put Acer Aspire in the listing – to help you pick the cheapest slim-design, highly portable, and future-looking 15.6” laptop.

When it comes to the hardware components, you get an AMD Ryzen 3 processor paired up with 4GB Ram and 128GB SSD – all this to deliver a satisfactory performance. I know the RAM is a bit low according to today’s workloads, but you can upgrade it later.

Do you know what wonders me the most about this $350 workstation? It’s the display. In a few hundred bucks, the company brings forth a magnificent and attractive 1080p display that delivers a vibrant and immersive on-screen experience. Not to mention the thin-bezel design and IPS technology which makes it a great fit for today’s modern age.

One of the major problems with cheap laptops is the keyboard. It may make you feel like you’re typing on a rock – a painful experience. But that’s where Acer comes into play. Despite the cheap pricing, the company put a comfortable backlit keyboard into this laptop to let you enjoy a premium tactile feeling on a budget.

Concerning the battery capacity, you get a 7.5-hour battery backup to churn out all your daily tasks. I know, 7.5 hours can be a bit lower for all your workload and how will you get another hour to watch Netflix? However, Acer Aspire has inspired me and is a great deal of comfort so far. That’s why it’s among the best-selling laptops on Amazon.

Bottom Line: Acer Aspire 5 is a great deal of comfort. It combines the goodness of elegant, lightweight design with efficient processing power and a backlit keyboard despite the cheap pricing – making it the best laptop for IT students.

Cheapest option for IT professionalsMediocre storage size
Inclusion of SSD storageRam is very low
Highly lightweight
Check Price on Amazon

3.      HP Envy X360 2-in-1

hp envy x360 2 in 1

If you want to enjoy premium experiences on a budget, HP Envy is the way to go! The laptop comes with a magnificent design paired up with a captivating display and powerful internals. Not just that, the 2-in1 function enables you to use it as an oversized tablet as well.

Speaking of reliability, this workstation is skillfully crafted out of sturdy materials to ensure it’s strong enough to survive extreme falls. From the structural point of view, the laptop equally scores well. You get an elegant design enriched with portability and robustness, taking your user experience to the next level.

Further aiding the laptop’s versatility is its efficient internals. With the excellent blend of 10th gen core i7 with 8GB Ram, you get a simultaneous performance. Plus, an SSD (512GB) is also in place to further boost the performance. This way, the laptop becomes an absolute beast capable enough to handle anything you throw at it.

The display is a major problem in most mediocre laptops. But this is something you cannot sacrifice since you’re going to be using it all day. That’s why I brought forth this elegant machine that packs a wonderful 15.6” display with edge-to-edge paneling to let you see more on the less.

IT is an advanced field where you might have to deal with hackers – something you don’t want at all. So, security becomes another considerable factor. But guess what, this HP notebook packs with an encrypted fingerprint scanner along with a switchable webcam. High-end security at hand!

A comfortable keyboard, lightweight body, and 2-in-1 design are some other marvelous features of this notebook, making it a fit for IT professionals, administrators, and students. The battery is another unignorable aspect of an IT laptop. You’re going to be working for hours straight and cannot hang in the charger every time. But this is no more an issue with its incredible 15-hour battery backup.

Another marvelous stand of HP is the inclusion of comprehensive connectivity options. These include USB type-c, USB type-a, HDMI 2.0, and power port. So, you can connect all your peripherals without adapters.

Bottom Line: HP Envy is among the best laptops for IT professionals and will be a fit if you want to enjoy premium experiences. It features an elegant 2-in-1 design along with powerful components, a magnificent display, and a satisfactory keyboard.

2-in-1 tablet design for more comfortabilityPrice is very high
Armed with powerful hardware resources
Satisfactory storage capacity – 512GB
Incredible 15-hour battery backup
Check Price on Amazon

4.      Microsoft Surface Pro 7

microsoft surface book pro 7

A lot of people seem to ignore unique laptops like Microsoft Surface Book Pro 7. But believe me, it’s one of the top-notch IT laptops to get all the essential laptop features besides an exceptionally beautiful design and enormous battery capacity. While the ability to remove the keyboard is another significant addition.

The laptop comes with a quite solid and crisp design that will give a premium feel in your hand. Ohh. I just forgot to say some words about the highly portable finish of this laptop. With a 12.3” screen size, the notebook is quite compact and lightweight, weighing around only 1.70 pounds. Hmm, one of the lightest laptops ever seen.

This compact design makes the laptop easily carryable and can be easily gripped to your hand. Isn’t it interesting? As mentioned, the keyboard can be easily removed from the laptop body. Plus, there’s a slight switchable stand at the back, giving it support. This way, the laptop can be used in 3 different modes – to suit all your tastes according to the work (or your mood).

As a professional worker, you might be using your workstation for hours. So, it needs to have enough battery capacity to let you comfortably work and even support you when watching movies or Netflix after work. That’s where this Surface book stands out. You get a 10.5-hour battery life along with a fast charging option.

For this kind of highly compact and portable workstations, connectivity options can be low – causing a problem. But Microsoft engineers have taken care of that as well. There are both USB type-a and USB type-c ports to support your peripherals and devices, etc.

Now, do you know what’s the most amazing part about this uniquely lightweight notebook? It’s the skill of Microsoft to put in the latest 10th generation Intel processor into this sleek workstation. Not just that, the laptop is armed by an ample 8GB Ram to never let the laptop run out of memory. Further boosting the performance is the elite SSD – with low storage capacity – 128GB.

The laptop – including all the parts – costs around $799. I’m not going to say it’s a great deal of comfort because it isn’t. The price could’ve been cheaper considering the features, display size, and hardware resources. However, the laptop looks great at first glance. If you can afford to pay over $800, you’re free to go with it.

Otherwise, I would recommend considering Asus VivoBook 15 or Acer Aspire 5.

Bottom Line: Surface Book Pro 7 is a premium notebook by a highly trusted brand – Windows. I admire the powerful hardware resources, premium features, incredible battery life, and overall standout design. But someone on a budget should go with a better price value such as Acer Aspire 5.

Premium overall designLow storage space
Highly lightweight and portable12.3” might not be suitable for everyone
Powerful next-gen processing power
Impressive 10.5-hour battery life
Check Price on Amazon

5.      HP Spectre x360 2-in1

hp spectre x360

Armed with incredibly powerful hardware components, a magnificent display, and sleek body language, HP Spectre is among the BEST premium laptops ever seen. Though it costs accordingly, the notebook packs nearly all the essential and extra features you could ask for. The most surprising part about the laptop, however, is its unique finish that looks irresistible.

Concerning performance, HP has equipped it with enough specifications to make it handle anything you throw at it. This all-in-one-rig workstation packs with a 10th generation core i7 processor along with 16GB Ram, and 512GB SSD. Not to mention the 64GB flash drive for further performance boosting.

Without further ado, let’s come straight to the design. HP has been loved a lot for giving this notebook such an exceptional beauty with a stunning color combination and amazingly crafted round corners. Plus, the laptop comes with a highly sleek and sleep design weighing only 2.88 pounds – making it easily carryable anywhere.

Waiting for another surprise to come out? Let’s show you then. HP engineers have managed the remarkable feat of making the battery life longer to an incredible extent. You get a marvelous 18-hour battery backup. So, you can use it for professional work for over two days with just a full charge.

Display-wise, this notebook stands out. There’s a 4-way edge-to-edge paneling making the 13.3” display further beautiful – and allowing you to see more on the less. With the 2-in-1 design, it’s going to take your comfortability to the next level – as well as the overall experience.

But what sets HP Spectre apart from the 2—in-1 notebooks?  It’s their ability to put high-end Bang & Olufson speakers enriched with amazing sound quality and bass. As a professional worker, you cannot compromise on security. The fingerprint is so far the most secure yet elegant security option found in laptops. Thankfully, HP spectre is among those highly secure and reliable notebooks.

From the perspective of connectivity, HP Spectre performs pretty well. Besides multiple Thunderbolt-3 ports (yes multiple thunderbolt-3 ports), there’s an inclusion of USB type-a as well – to let you connect older devices comfortably.

Bottom Line: HP Spectre x360 is a cool, fancy, and premium notebook enriched with various high-end features. Besides performance, this workstation excels in the aspects of body design, display, battery life, and keyboard as well, but costs accordingly though. 

High-end performance
Price is very high
Enough storage capacity (512GB SSD + 64GB Flashdrive)
Fingerprint security, a comfortable keyboard, and a portable design
Check Price on Amazon

6.      Dell XPS 15

dell xps 15

Finally, we’ve got to our last suggested option for IT professionals. XPS 15 is among the best-selling notebooks in 2019, 2020, and 2021. It comes with a great blend of powerful internals, sleek body language, and premium features. But we wish that the battery life would be better.

From a structural point of view, Dell XPS 15 is uniquely and skillfully crafted out of strong & sturdy materials to ensure that it can survive extreme environmental conditions – as well as accidental falls. Plus, being a highly portable notebook, it comes with a lightweight of nearly 1.5kg. Though not as light as some other notebooks on the list, you’re getting a highly portable design if consider the 15.6” inch screen.

As mentioned, the notebook packs a stunning 15.6” display that not only features ultra thin-bezels but an incredibly clear view as well. The display is further armed by Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics to show you the most diverse color combination ever. Plus, this high-end graphics card will also help you design the high-end software.

From the perspective of performance, our gadget is powered by a 7th generation core i7 processor along with 8GB Ram, and 256GB SSD – all process coordinately to deliver flawless performance – regardless of your intensive workloads. Concerning the storage capacity, 256GB might be a little low for some, but if you’re going to store professional data only, it might be enough.

The keyboard is something very few companies have mastered to make elegant. Fortunately, Dell is among them. It puts the highly comfortable backlit keyboards in all its new notebooks to give you a tactile feeling for precise control. Plus, the backlit function allows elegant working in the dark.

Once you’ve spent nearly a thousand bucks (this notebook costs around $1,180) on a laptop, you might be using it all day. It’s no secret that you don’t want to be carrying the charger everywhere you go. So, there’s a desperate need for longer battery life for comfortability. Dell has put an 8-hour battery in XPS 15 while you get a bit higher with other laptops. However, 8-hour seems to be enough for continuous work.

Bottom Line: Dell XPS 15 is an elite notebook skillfully manufactured by Dell. It combines powerful internals with a sleek body design, a comforting keyboard, and extensive connectivity options. However, the laptop couldn’t stand out in battery life – features 8-hour only.

Top-notch internals with powerful graphics
Battery life could be better (8-hour)
Comfortable backlit keyboard
Comprehensive connectivity options
Sleek design with a stunning display

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Laptop for IT Professionals

I’m not here to give you complete lectures on how different components work. But will lay out the important information in a friendly way to help you better understand.

●       Processor

As associated with IT, you probably know about processor – a tiny chip used in nearly all electronic circuits and devices.

But if you don’t, let me tell you.

The processor in a computer (or laptop) is the same value as the brain in our body. The processor helps computers perform operations by providing instructions just as our brain provides to different body parts.

Got it. Right?

Since the processor plays role in the processes game, it plays a role in performance. A better and faster processor equals faster performance and vise versa. All the laptops we recommended come with a speedy processor to flawlessly handle workflows.

For an IT laptop, make sure it’s powered with at least a next-generation processor or you may have to wait forever. (I recommend picking one from the ones we suggested)

●       Ram

Ram (memory) is a temporary computer storage and stores memory whenever you open up a program. The more ram you have, the more memory can be stored, and the faster processes will be. Yes, as you’ve guessed. Processor and Ram work co-ordinately.

When picking a laptop, look out for at least 4-8GB ram.

●       Storage Type – SSD or HDD

Out of 2 storage types SSD and HDD, SSD is faster, more reliable, and more expensive. HDD, on the other, costs less but performs slowly. But what should I go with; SSD or HDD?

Well, it’s simple. If you’ve got enough dollars to afford an SSD-powered laptop, go for it. Otherwise, there’s no way around HDD. (Remember, an HDD laptop might be quite outdated as SSDs have become the leading storage drives)

●       Storage Capacity

The case of storage capacity is simple. It’s just like your smartphone’s internal storage. The more of it you have, the more data (images, movies, games, documents, videos, etc) you can store. But you cannot spend hundreds of bucks just for more storage capacity. So, choose storage capacity according to your needs.

●       Keyboard

Would you mind if I ask you to come closer and give me an answer?

“How many of the processes you perform on your computer (or laptop) include the keyboard’s role? ”

Almost all of them. Right?

While you’re using it all the time – while writing commands, typing password, texting, etc – you shouldn’t go with a bulky and rocki-esh keyboard that will make you feel pain every time you type in. Instead, consider a soft keyboard that gives you a precise feeling on every touch.

●       Battery Life

Gone are the days when no laptop came with more than 2-3 hour battery. These days, even compact notebooks pack with a 10-hour (+) battery life to meet our needs (you know, everything happens on our tech gadgets).

So, instead of carrying your charger everywhere and looking awkward, consider a long-lasting battery laptop because you don’t want anything to come into your work.

●       Brand

As I mentioned in the beginning, a variety of new laptop brands are coming in. While our traditional companies; Acer, Asus, Dell, and HP, etc are giving us every feature we need, what’s the point of looking out for others?

No, I’m not holding you back from other laptop brands, but make sure it’s trustable yet reliable. So, the best laptop for IT professionals

●       Security

Hey, what if I fly over to your home, get access to your computer (laptop), and steal all your data. What would it feel like? I can imagine that feeling because I’ve lost all my important data once.

However, the point is on one wants to get his data lost or stolen. That’s where advanced security features come in. Yes, you can use a strong password with almost every laptop ever seen. But fingerprint is a way more convenient yet encrypted security feature.

Though not all laptops include it, many latest ones do. I would recommend going for one.

●       Portability

Can you stick by one desk in your home (or office) every time? If you could, why wouldn’t you have bought a computer? That’s it. We desperately want portability. These days, laptops have been made highly compact and lightweight without very much sacrificing performance.

The latest notebooks can be even carried by one hand.

I’m not suggesting you go with the lightest laptop ever built, but make sure what you choose is easily carriable and weighs less.

●       Display

Can you perform any single operation without looking at the display? If yes, Kudos to you! If no, you’re normal, just like the rest.

So, there’s a desperate need for a satisfactory display that doesn’t make your eyes bleeding like the old ones.

The best laptop for IT professionals must have an elegant display that shows true colors. (having the IPS technology would be even better)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Best Laptops for IT Professionals

Which is the cheapest IT laptop on the list?

So, you’re on a budget, don’t want to pay through nose, and looking for the cheapest option for IT professionals. I get it. The cheapest laptop on today’s list is Acer Aspire 5. It costs around $360 despite all the high-end features like elegant design and a comfortable keyboard.
Key Answer: Acer Aspire 5 is the cheapest laptop for IT professionals.

Which IT laptop features the best price value?

You seem to be someone intelligent who wants to wisely spend on an IT laptop. The best IT laptop concerning price value is Asus VivoBook 15. That’s exactly why you found it on the top of our list. Despite the affordable price of $550, it scores well in all the important aspects of an IT laptop. The only issue so far is the low storage capacity. But no worries. You can either upgrade it later by replacing it with a better one or simply buy a portable drive.
Key Answer: Asus VivoBook 15 is featuring the best price value so far.

What is the difference between SSD and HDD storage disks? Should I choose HDD or SSD?

SSD’s and HDDs may not sound very different but there’s a vast difference between the two.
HDDs, also known as spinning drives, work on the traditional spinning principle. Being based on old technology, HDDs aren’t much reliable neither very fast, but cheap.
While SSDs, on the other hand, are the latest storage devices. They don’t have any moving parts and work on the latest principle. They’re more reliable and faster than HDDs. Performance-wise, SSDs are many times faster than HDDs on average. But as a rule of thumb, SSDs cost more.
Key Answer: SSDs are better than HDDs but cost more.

How much Ram is enough for daily IT tasks? How much Ram do I need?

To handle daily IT tasks, 4 to 8 GB of Ram might be enough. But if you’re coupled with high-end processes like designing, testing, and maintaining heavy software, you should go with 8-16GB Ram. The more Ram you have, the faster your computer can perform by storing more temporary memory.

Should I choose a 2-in-1 notebook?

While 2-in1 notebooks look fancy and stylish, they come with their own drawbacks. For instance, 2-in-1 notebooks are, on average, more expensive and less powerful than traditional laptops. Being highly portable and slim, they come with relatively shorter battery life. However, if you think that a 2-in-1 notebook might be a great fit for you, go for it.
Key Answer: Yes, you can go with a 2-in-1 notebook but they’re more expensive generally and lack some other features.

Which of the above laptops has the longest battery life?

From the above laptops, HP Envy got the longest battery life so far. You get over 15.5-hour battery backup. Meaning that after performing all your daily tasks, you’ll have even more hours to watch Netflix or scroll through social media.
Key Answer: HP Envy packs with the longest battery life of 15.5-hour.

Is Ram upgradable? Can I upgrade Ram later on

Ram is, in fact, the most easily upgradable hardware component of a laptop or computer. It can be easily replaced or you can install more Ram if another slot is free. Most laptops don’t even require any tools to upgrade or replace Ram.
Key Answer: Yes, Ram can easily be upgraded.

Can storage size be increased?

Yes, storage size can be easily increased, in multiple ways. You can either replace your storage device with a larger storage capacity disk or install another storage drive (if the slot is available). If you’re looking for another way, the best way around is buying a portable storage device.
Key Answer: Yes, the storage device can be either replaced or you can buy an external drive.

How much storage is the best? How much storage should I go with?

There is no “best” storage size when you need a balance between your requirements and budget. It all depends upon your needs. If you want to store personal data like video games, movies, etc as well, alongside the professional software and data, go with at least 512GB storage.
If you just have to store the professional data related to IT, 256GB storage might also work but what may not, is 128GB storage. So, what’s the solution? Get the answer in the next question.
Key Answer: 256 to 512GB storage might be enough to store lots of data.

Which is the most portable laptop on today’s list?

The most portable laptop for IT professionals, students, and administrators is definitely Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It comes with a screen size of 12.3” and a highly lightweight design of 1.7 pounds. This way, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 becomes the lightest (most portable) laptop on today’s list while one of the lightest (most portable) laptops around the world.
Key Answer: Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the most portable laptop on today’s list.

What screen size is the best? Which screen size is good for me?

There’s no best or ideal screen size for laptops. All people have their own opinions, tastes, etc. If you want more portability and want to carry your laptop everywhere in your hand, go with a lower screen size like 13” or ever 12”. On the other hand, if you don’t need that much portability, a normal 15.6” or 14” laptop will work best for you.
Key Answer: 14” or 15.6” screen sizes are preferred the most.

Bonus Tip – Here’s What I Would Do

I know you want to save money and go with the option featuring the BEST PRICE VALUE. If so, our ideology is similar. As a tech-savvy guy and price-value-freak, I’ve experienced lots of tech products and understand what kind of product is going to be WORTH IT.

So, here I’m going to lay down my thoughts about which one of the BEST laptops for IT professionals I would’ve chosen if getting into the IT field. Let’s start.

I would definitely go with Asus VivoBook 15. It costs around $540 – an affordable rate. With flawless performance, captivating display, sleek (modern) design, and satisfactory battery life, Asus VivoBook is offering the BEST PRICE VALUE so far.

Conclusion for the Best Laptops for IT Professionals

As someone coupled with IT, you must have a portable computer (laptop) to perform or practice the operations and perform all your IT tasks. But there are hundreds – if not thousands – of laptops available out there, recommended for different purposes.

This definite guide on the best laptops for IT professionals aims to bring forth the BEST IT laptops to help you make the right decision. Furthermore, I shared my honest opinion about WHAT I WOULD DO, created a FAQs section, and compiled the complete buyer’s guide.

Hope this one of my efforts saved you time and money. If it really did, share the post with others and also help them make the right decision. Because sharing is caring.

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