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Has exam preparation always been a daunting task? Welcome to the club! You are not alone; there are tons of students out there who find it hard to keep track of the countless lectures, notes, and test dates. So what is it that makes exam preparations so hard and how can it be fixed? Let’s draw out an intelligent plan in time for the next exams to make things easier and fruitful for ourselves. When it comes to a good study plan, remember the rule of 3:

Remember test dates

I think we can all relate to the situations when we delay the preparation thinking there is still ample time. We then experience something close to a nervous breakdown realizing that we still haven’t touched anything for the test we’re supposed to appear for the very next day! What you need is a smart calendar to help you keep track of the test dates and plan a study schedule that you will strictly follow.

Study Keep

Make Flashcards

Another useful resource we skip making are flashcards! It’s a known fact that student will retain more things in mind learned through concise notes on flashcards than through the extensive paragraphs of a course book. Yet, how many of use create flashcards as part of our study plan? Try learning from flashcards for your next exam and see how it works wonders!

However, understandably, it’s hard to find time for making these when you’re already loaded with so much to do. What you need is an intelligent tool to help you create flashcards in the least amount of time – so that you can spend the most time studying them!

Study Keep

Test yourself

Keep track of your preparation by testing yourself. The only way you can find out if you are ready for the exam is to ask yourself questions. Find worksheets or create them yourself, solve them, and use your course book to mark yourself. Or skip the entire trouble, and find yourself a humble assistant to do everything for you. You’ll find yours in just a moment!

StudyKeep- Learn Effective to the rescue!

Fortunately, we have a trusty partner for the preparation of your upcoming exams: StudyKeep – Learn Effective.

Study Keep

You can download this app on your phone and beat the smartest kid in class in no time! It helps to plan your study schedules so that you’re never short on time when it comes to exam preparations. You can create flashcards to help yourself remember faster and better. It even uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate a test from any given text. Not only will you save time studying effectively, but you will also know for sure if you have learned everything properly.


Why not just kill the monster of an exam with a single blow of StudyKeep? Find it on PlayStore and install it on your phone. All its features are absolutely free and incredibly useful for every student.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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