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There is no doubt that the 21st century is full of entertainment and related to its distractions. One of the biggest distractions is a smartphone and the inbuilt mechanism of it. The smartphone is a need, necessity, entertaining device, and everything. And what are the hidden secrets of all of these things? The apps! A smartphone runs on a software and all of the functions can be done with apps. That is why the apps matter to a smartphone and have their own market. In the era of the app, you need to promote a marketable the app so that you can get the maximum amount of profit. The advertising and the app marketing are a great combination of a mobile app marketing campaign.


The Overview Of Mobile App Marketing

Since the technology is advancing rapidly and with the help of the Midas touch of it, development can be done in every segment. It is happening in the smartphone segment too and most of the part is eaten by the smartphone and the apps. To inform the audience about it there is a need for marketing the smartphone as well as the apps. The main purpose of mobile app marketing is to target more audience and to engage the users who have already downloaded it. There are professionals and agencies that do mobile marketing very attractively. It happens on a mobile device and promoting the apps is the aim. Reaching to the users, their desire and need for the apps vary and mobile app marketing tends to strike there.


Types Of Mobile App Marketing

It’s a new concept and rules are bounded within the two different methods. The experts know it’s investment and they generally don’t go out the conventional ways since it might be a risk but it is under development and research now. The major two types of mobile marketing are – app user acquisition and app store optimization.

App-User Acquisition:

The app user acquisition method follows the rule to find the audience with the help of developers. When they find the targets they show ads on various platforms using promoting campaigns and if the user finds the potential and discovers the apps of interest then bingo!the developers got a hit and the campaigns got a success. The digital platform is the target area of this method and some of the famous platforms are a billboard, subways, display boards, airports.


App Store Optimization:

The app store optimization method gives focus on to all the app stores. The two renowned, time-consuming, entertaining, distracting app stores are Apple App store and Google Play store. The stores have millions of apps and with the help of rich algorithm, the developers optimize the store to show the apps of user interests only. In this method, the focus is on the stores but the aim is the same, to get the curious attention of the vulnerable user and to get the app downloaded.

The Social Media Platform For App Marketing

It is a trendy method that is followed by ad publishers and website owners. It is something related to search engine optimization (SEO) and the only difference is the eagle-eyed platform i.e the social media. For a common example, when you are enjoying your leisure time on social media, you watch ads of apps on the attractive display of the smartphone. Coincidentally the apps are of your interests and you find them really useful and you download them. This all based on Social media marketing method. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the main social media base of operations.

The secret to making this Complicated Process Easy 

Without any argument, mobile app marketing is a complicated process. Proper planning with right targets, intelligent and intellectual strategies, the perfect optimization and lastly getting success needs experts. The mobile app marketing agencies are the expert here who are qualified for doing the complicated things with their charisma. If you need to market a mobile app it’s always a preferable option to opt for a mobile app marketing agency. They will decide the strategies and they will make sure in which way they are getting into the gray matter of the users so that you got a hit. Check the retention rate, daily weekly or monthly active users, the session length, acquisitions and optimizations, the LTV (lifetime value), how the apps are downloaded and you will know if it’s working or not.

If you are a beginner then don’t take a risk and consult with the agencies, search it online and go for the best offer because at the end of the day you need to make a profit.


Kinza Zaheer

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