We like different pages on Facebook in order to keep ourselves updated with whatever information they post. But sometimes, because we had liked too many pages, we fail to see the posts that we actually wish to see and end up scrolling down and getting nothing useful. We may miss out on important stuff just because of some silly posts. This is because there is no limit on liking pages on Facebook. So we keep liking whatever comes in front of our eyes without realizing it. It has become some kind of involuntary action these days.

Honestly speaking, we never have whole days to scroll down and look at every pages’ feed. We just go through it whenever we have some spare minutes and if we are lucky enough, we get some useful information i.e. job opportunities, advertisements, etc. and if not then we end up looking at unnecessary jokes.

For some people, liking Facebook pages for their post is very essential and they have to stay connected to them at any cost. For example, if I have liked a page where I can find job opportunities or any freelance work, then I have to remain connected to them and have to see each of their posts on time. But what if I have liked so many other pages as well and I fail to reach to the posts of my desired page on time and someone else gets the opportunity that I wanted? This can simply be solved by downloading an liked pages manager for facebook app.

You can now be able to manage your liked pages just through this one app.

My Liked pages Manager for Facebook pages app


Thanks to this app, you won’t have any more difficultly following your likes. My Liked pages Manager for Facebook pages app’s slogan itself says everything. “Download this app and start following your likes, because YOU ARE YOUR LIKES”. 


Liked pages manager for Facebook App


Features of Liked Pages Manager for Facebook App:

  • Through this app you can easily see photos and videos posted by pages of your preference.
  • You just mark the page whose newsfeed you wish to see in future and then leave everything else on the app.
  • You can easily download videos from your favorite pages as well.
  • You can watch and see anything offline as well.
  • This app keeps you updated with every single post from your favorite pages. So you will miss on nothing.
  • You can easily share any stuff (photos or videos) with your friends and send them on WhatsApp, Gmail, tumbler, or Instagram, etc.
  • It also creates a separate gallery in your phone gallery so you get easy access to saved photos and videos.

Sometimes we completely forget about the names and number of pages that we have been liking on Facebook. This app provides you a whole list of the pages that you have liked. All you need to do is mark the pages that you prefer and then the app will make the posts of those pages more prominent than the posts of all the other pages.


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