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In the growing pace of everyday life, keeping track of one’s finances has becomes increasingly frustrating and stressful. No sooner does the bank cash your monthly pay cheque, money flows out of your hands like water. You are left clueless as to how you could have spent the sum in such a short time.

Moreover, despite setting a budget for oneself, it becomes very difficult to limit expenditure within that budget. This leads to running out of money before you anticipated and resorting to borrowing. One thing leads to another and you land in a horrible situation of having borrowed more than you can afford to pay back.

You can avoid this whirlwind of events if only you are a little more organised. To have control over your expenditure, it is important that you list down and observe the trend in their expenses. This will help you avoid over spending and you can save money with ease.

While this may seem impossible to do on your own, MoneyManage is the perfect App to help you manage your money.

MoneyManage – Easy. Fast. Essential.

Manage your money with MoneyManage app for iPhone

MoneyManage is an iOS App available on the App store for iOS devices only, on which you can manage all your finances easily. It has been developed by Mattia Di Chiara and requires iOS 10.3 or later.

Why use MoneyManage?

The app is the ideal solution to all your budgeting problems. As promoted by the developer, ‘it is the new way to manage your money’ as it has everything you may need with its fast, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. You can simply create an account and use the app without wasting your time on figuring it out. It is available in English, Italian and German languages.

The app facilitates its users every step of the way to make their lives easier. After you have created an account and entered your expenses, the app’s ‘Remember me!’ feature sends users push notifications alerting them about any future expenses. This is useful because a lot of busy people forget to pay important bills till the last minute. This becomes a hassle as they end up paying more after the due date. MoneyManage will help save your money by reminding you on time.

This app makes sure you are comfortable while using it. The graphic features available make your experience pleasant as you can use Light Mode to change the colour of the app to a white background to ensure good viewing. This option has been made available especially for people who cannot see perfectly. Furthermore, the Gestore 3D touch makes it even easier to go over your list of expenses. While it may be boring to list expenses on a paper, personalising the app helps make the process more interesting, encouraging you to use it more and more.

Moreover, your account and all the sensitive information stored within it is highly protected by the Touch ID, if supported by your iPhone. This ensures that you data is safe at all times even if you lose your phone. Also, you will never lose your data incase you have to restore the app as all your data is backed up from inside and outside the app.

How to use MoneyManage?

It is very easy as you just have to create an account using your name, balance and expense limit. Next, you create a list of all your expenses. Moreover, there is a tutorial present on Mattia Di Chiara’s Facebook page which helps guide you through all of the app’s features and the proper way to make transactions.

Who wants this?

In my eyes, this app is the best solution for all youngsters at university who are striving to manage expenses on their own for the first time in their lives. It is ideal for keeping track of how much you spend and save. Your time at university is already full of so much stress due to academics and social life that keeping track of finances slips out of your mind. That is why you need this app to remind you of your budget and any future expenses.

Moreover, the app is perfect for everyone who is too busy to manage their expenses. From housewives to businessman, these days everyone lives a very fast paced life. This app would help them without taking up much of their valuable time. It is simple so anyone can use it.

Conclusion: MoneyManage is a great money managing app for iOS. Although it is relatively new, the advance features of the app reflect its potential. You just have to pay a small price for these features so you should install the app without any further delay to experience it yourself.

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