7 Of The Best Free Language Learning Apps Of 2019

With technology helping us in everything we do, it is no surprise that there are many applications created to help language learners. Apps to stream live sports and apps hat let...
Delete Whatsapp Messages

How to Delete Whatsapp Messages from other phone

If you’re a WhatsApp user then you probably made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong person at least once in your lifetime. In some cases, it can be...
Music Meal Audio Player

Music Meal | Audio Player App that lets you Play YouTube in background

The music industry throughout the world is constantly blooming and we, the avid lovers of music, make sure not to miss out even on a single song that gets released. Thanks...

Cougar Dating Life – Android Dating App to date Older Women or Young Men

Certainly, making love is in the very nature of humans. You must have seen many men dating their girlfriends secretly, hiding from their wives, provided that they are married. Not only...

2019 Best Mobile Security Apps for Android devices

Counting the ways that tech did you wrong is quite easy, especially in regards to security breaches. Now being one of the most widely used operating systems across the globe, Android...
How to turn off last seen on Instagram

How to turn off last seen on Instagram

Instagram has recently launched an update which allows users to see last time they opened their app termed as “ Activity Status ” , Instagram’s version of last seen.. It’s about...
Top 10 SEO Tips to increase app downloads on google playstore

Top 10 SEO Tips to increase App downloads on Google Play Store

The toil of app developers does not come to an end after simply putting their creation on Google Play Store. Despite developing the most thrilling app of all times, all your...

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