FaceZoom Photo Drawing App

Edit and Personalize pictures with the new FaceZoom Photo Drawing App

For long, we have come across many photo editing apps that allow users to manipulate and fiddle with pictures and videos according to their liking. All those basic apps provide very...

7 Of The Best Free Language Learning Apps Of 2019

With technology helping us in everything we do, it is no surprise that there are many applications created to help language learners. Apps to stream live sports and apps hat let...

Apps to stream TV shows

Who doesn't like to watch TV shows? We all have our own taste and if you're reading this then you must be interested in binge watching tv shows. You're at the...

Control your timeline: Check out how TUBBR is reforming social media for us

There is no denying the power of Social Media platforms when it comes to content creation, sharing and promotion. However, unfortunately, we have all fallen a prey to the cluttered platforms...

Step into a Hassle-Free World of Exploration with Trip Tracker GPS

Ever had the desire to mark every step you take? How about an app which will let you realize your dream of recording your journeys towards beautiful destinations? Yes, you read...
5 Best Watermark App for iPhone to protect your photos

5 Best Watermark App for iPhone to protect your photos

The worst nightmare of any creative person is to not get credit of the work they produce. And these days stealing someone’s photos from their social media account and posting them...

Top Mobile App Trends To Watch out in 2019

As the advancements and innovations are rolling out in the tech world, new trends and techniques are surfacing every now and then. In the struggle to beat the best, companies rely...

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