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The music industry throughout the world is constantly blooming and we, the avid lovers of music, make sure not to miss out even on a single song that gets released. Thanks to their makers, the apps like SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube alongside various radio channels have made it really easy for all of us to devour on our favorite music anytime and anywhere we want.

However, where they have made it possible to freely and easily listen to whatever genre we like, there are a few issues with each of these sources that we have to compromise with. Firstly, some of our favorite songs can be listened to via one app and the rest are found on the others and moving between these many apps can sometimes become really annoying.

Moreover, while some become troublesome because of the unnecessary ads that comes in the way of our favorite playlist’s smooth flow, the others like YouTube never lets us play our favorite song in the background while we are playing a game or texting someone significant.

Music Meal Audio Player App is your Ultimate Music solution

The perfect solution to all this issues without having us to compromise on our music choices is a new Audio Player named Music Meal (By the way, You need to checkout their extremely cool and fun website).

Music Meal App Preview
App Preview

Music meal is a simple and very user friendly audio player application that lets you make a playlist with songs from different sources including SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube. Not only this, you can also record your favorite online radio links. Now you don’t have to move back and forth between different apps as this simple application lets you combine you favorite songs at a single place. Most importantly, you can add YouTube music videos for free in your Music Meal playlist and play YouTube videos in background as you do something else on your phone or PC.

Compatible Devices

This cool audio player is available both as an Android App as well as a Chrome extension.

Anyone can download Music Meal freely both from the Google Play store or Chrome Web Store. There is no need to sign in or get yourselves registered with this audio player app. Just install this cool music player and start listening to whatever you want anywhere, anytime.

Get it on Google Play

Some of the matchless Music Meal features

Music Meal Audio Player would have been an enough tool only when it allowed us playing YouTube videos in Background, but the developers were kind enough to add more awesomeness in each of the application’s feature. Some of the most amazing and benefiting features of Music Meal Audio Player are as follows:

Combines Everything At a Single Place

Going back and forth between SoundCloud, YouTube, and other apps to only listen to the music that matches your mood is not just annoyingly confusing but also drains a lot of your device’s battery charge.

Music Meals saves you from these troubles by combining everything at a single place that plays smoothly during your drive or while you are working on an assignment.  This not only saves your time but also drains less of yours as well as your device’s battery.

No Limit

Every feature of this player comes with an unlimited access. You can make as many playlists as you want and add as many songs from as many applications you like to. you can keep using the application all day long if you want and keep it in your phone for years, there are no charges and no limits to that.

No Login for YouTube and SoundCloud Required

Don’t have an account on YouTube and SoundCloud? Don’t worry because the Music Meal Audio Player will still let you add music from these two platforms even without logging in or needing to register. However, you will have to authenticate with your Spotify account in case you want to add Spotify’s music to your Music meal playlist.

All these cool features and so much more, start your soulful music journey with this amazing audio android application perfect for the music lover in you. Make separate playlists for your different moods and enjoy limitless fun without paying a single buck.

Happy Listening to you!

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