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A file manager app is a must for every smartphone user, in order to organise and handle your data on your Smartphone easily rather than using the default file manager. In case you don’t know what they do, they do pretty much as the name suggests i.e: browsing/searching your files, managing your files (creating, deleting, copying, paste etc) and last but not least, managing your storage space. There are many File managers available for free on the Google Playstore, but it’s hard choosing a File manager that fits your style. There are two type of Smartphone users. One that like to keep their phone organised so it doesn’t turn slow and second are people who don’t like to manage their Smartphone but expect their phone to run fast. Espically if you’ve a phone with low specs, you’ve to maintain your storage space which can be a hassle and that’s where File Manager apps come in. But the question remains, which one from the thousand should you download?

N file manager Android file explorer

I’ve experience of installing more than one file manager and most of them have failed to impress me due to lack of features, bad interface or not allowing me to be able to do anything without accidently pressing an advertisement!

​Recently I came across an app on Google Playstore called ” N File Manager ” that is more than perfect for the average user and best of all, it’s free! After using this app, it ended up replacing my previous file manager.

Ad Free

So far haven’t come across any annoying advertisments, better yet – no advertisments at all!

​Translation available

Can’t read English? no problem as you’ve Italian, Polish, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese translation from choose from.

FTP service, Cloud Service (Dropbox) and thumbnails.

N file manager Android file explorer dropbox cloud service

The app supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox (online backup) and thumbnails.

Great interface. Supports Light/Dark/DayLight Theme

N file manager Android file explorer interface change theme

​Interface is smooth and not boring. If you do get bored you can just switch themes from Light to Dark or a combination of both Day and Light.

Share files on different Apps.

Think of this as bluetooth. 

Manage running & installed apps

Manage apps that are running on your Smartphone or apps you’ve already installed such as deleting, moving, sharing etc.

Backup your Apps

App allows you to backup your Apps which may seem useless to the average user, but a useful feature for those who want to stay on the safe side!

Show Hidden Files

N file manager Android file explorer show hidden files

Show hidden files such as ” Hidden folders, Hidden files, System apps ” etc. 


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  • 19th October 2016 at 8:21 pm

    Sounds like a great app. about time i replaced my file manager…


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