Nokia Smartphones Unveiled at Mobile World Congress

Nokia had a successful exhibition at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) that was held in Barcelona. They showcased their latest Android smartphones as well as an updated version of a classic Nokia phone. Nokia is is on a mission to completing an excellent comeback this year. So far, 2018 is looking very promising for this beloved mobile phone manufacturer.

Nokia is currently run by a Finnish company called HMD Global. They own the licence to produce Nokia smartphones. There were rumours of Nokia being run by a small Chinese firm, which is obviously false. HMD and Nokia promise to deliver quality mobile devices once again to its customers.

Last years range of Nokia smartphones were in no way groundbreaking. Nokia produced well built and modest smartphones that received positive reviews from its customers.  Almost all of these devices proved to be among the most durable smartphones of their respective segments. This will be good news for both the company and its clients if Nokia continues on delivering quality products. The latest models showcased at MWC are no exception in regards to quality. The future of Nokia is looking good.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is a Flagship Android smartphone. Its body features around 95% of the glass. This glass sandwich is located at the front and rear of the smartphone and has a stainless steel frame in the centre. This quality build combined with its gloss black look gives the Sirocco a premium look and feel.

The Sirocco name has been used by Nokia before. The classic Nokia 8800 Sirroco is a mobile phone that was released back in 2006. It’s body featured elements of stainless steel and glass, just like the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Its plain to see where the Nokia 8 grabbed its design inspiration from.

In regards to performance, Nokia has decided to run with a previous generation flagship processor with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. This already tried and tested chip with 6GB of RAM and an insane 128GB of storage make the Sirocco a very capable smartphone. A newer Snapdragon 845 chip would have been better, but Nokia has chosen to go with familiar hardware. A reason for this could be because of current software implementation.

The software on the Sirocco is actually outstanding. The Nokia 8 Sirocco ships with Android One, a stock version of Google’s Android 8 operating system. Google promises a pure Android software experience. An experience that doesn’t includes large amounts of manufacturer bloatware and skins. Another big promise from Google is two years of incremental updates to the software. This is big considering the current state of slow updates on modern Android devices.

Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus is an elegant Mid Range smartphone. This more than capable Snapdragon 660 smartphone has 4GB of RAM with an incredible 3800mAh battery. It also has the premium looks to go with the power. The back of the smartphone may be plastic, but it has around 6 layers of paint on there which gives the smartphone its ceramic look.

The 7 Plus has a large battery which Nokia promises will get you around 2 days of usage. This usage will be optimised through the latest Android 8 Oreo software. There are dual (12MP and 13MP) rear cameras as well as a 16MP front-facing camera. Nokia has chosen to go with a 6-inch HD+ display that has an aspect ratio of 18:9.

These specs and software make the Nokia 7 Plus a very decent package at this price point. The size of the screen and cameras with trusted Nokia build quality is what many consumers will consider. But another factor that most consumers may consider is that at this price point, you could go for a OnePlus 5T. The 5T only narrowly beats the 7 Plus on few features with its higher price. But the OnePlus 5T does, however, have a far superior Snapdragon 835 processor and more RAM.

Nokia 8110

Nokia also took things old school with a throwback model at MWC this year. The Nokia 8110 is an updated version of the 1999 classic Nokia phone which was featured in The Matrix Movie. This curved “banana” phone has basic features similar to last years updated classic Nokia 3310. But, Nokia has built upon the idea of the 3310 by adding 4G connectivity, as well as a decent operating system.

The Nokia 8110 has a few new considerable tweaks which make it an absolute viable mobile phone. It runs on KaiOS, an operating system that is capable of running HTML 5 apps like Facebook and Twitter. These apps will have access to the Internet through the phones 4G service. The 8110 is powered by a Snapdragon 205 chip and is expected to last for around 25 days.

This smartphone is obviously for those who are in need of a cheap device just to make calls with. It Should be perfect for drivers and for company usage. The future inclusion of WhatsApp messaging and calls will be a game changer. This can entice consumers further to consider the Nokia 8110, mostly for the WhatsApp call feature. Can you imagine a future where you can make Whatsapp data calls on a device without having to worry much about battery life?

Nokia 1

Nokia also unveiled an entry-level smartphone at the MWC event. The Nokia 1 features a polycarbonate body that is held together by a metal frame. It also has a retro feature with its interchangeable covers. This smartphone is powered by a MediaTek Quad Core MT6737M chip with 1GB RAM. Quite sufficient power for those on a budget.

The Nokia 1 will run on a lighter version of Android OS called Android One. Android One focuses file size with its lighter operating system and apps. There are Go versions of popular Google apps such as YouTube Go and Maps Go. These apps have stripped functionality with emphasis on data saving while not being too heavy on the processing power of the smartphone.

This is great news for budget smartphones with low disk space like the Nokia 1 with its 8GB of storage space. The smaller size of the OS will free up more space for other apps. There is also expandable storage available if you wish to take pictures with the smartphones 5MP rear camera.


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