Oracle Financials R12 Has Better Features Than 11i

Oracle Financials (also called as Oracle R12 eBusiness Suite) is a dynamic and powerful financial tool, which has become a preferred option among many ERP products in the market for many blue chip companies, multi-site channels and multi- national organizations. Oracle Financials is one of the robust and flexible package ever created by Oracle company. You can easily learn by undergoing Oracle Financials Certification Training. This ERP tool is an eBusiness Suite which include main areas like General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Financial Intelligence, Inventory Management and Daily Business Intelligence. Let us know What is more in Oracle Financials R12 than 11i.

Difference between R12 and 11i

Difference Between Oracle R12 and 11i


Business Benefits of Oracle Financials R12

  • Integrated: This version helps in leveraging the investments done in the existing technology and helps in remove disparate systems as and when needed.
  • Modular: You can implement one module, several modules or the entire suite in the organization as per the business requirements as R12 is yet modular.
  • Open Standard Based Architecture: This framework enables you to integrate into a heterogenous environment and makes you influence your investments in the current applications. This architecture helps in favouring low cost of integration with service concern.
  • Global Application: This application supports different languages, currencies and also helps in managing business processes flexibly. It also compatible to modular deployments and customized business flows.

    Difference between Oracle earlier version and new version

    • Information Driven Applications: This tool provides real-time data to business or trading partners. Provides business intelligence and enables to take better business decisions.
    • Advanced Collections: Improved compliance collections workbench from Accounts Receivable merged. Collect real-time with funds capture. Independent from sales territories.
    • Cash Management: It provides improved visibility of actual vs projected. Helps in tracking bank transfers and verification of bank interest.
    • Receivables: R12 manages revenue and accelerates cash with fiscal discipline. Increased cash flow and provides better streamlining processing.
    • Balancing: Generates balancing accounting entries for subledger journal entries at time accounting is created. It also generates balancing journal entries at posting time for other journals.
    • XML Publisher: Financial reporting with XML publisher is easy and flexible with nearly 400 modifiable formats.


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