How To Make Ufone Self Care Account

Ufone is the most popular network used in Pakistan after Mobilink, mainly due to their great SMS and Internet service throughout the country. Just like Mobilink E-Care allows you to control and review your...

How to Save Snapchats Without Them Knowing

Snapchat is a popular social networking app which allows you to send pictures and videos that expire after a certain period of time set by the sender. (self destruct, as I...
Make email without phone number

How To Create Email Without Phone Number

Major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc require a phone number in order for you to create an account. But what if you want to make several accounts using...

Top 5 ways to become Famous or Popular on AskFM

You must've already heard about the recent famous social networking site AskFM. It's trending lately as everyone you know is using it, friends, teachers, your crush, celebs etc. The first question...
Chat with Random Strangers Online

Top 10 Websites to chat with Random Strangers Online when Bored

There are many ways to chat on video such as skype, facebook messenger, viber etc but they're mostly used for talking to people you know such as relatives, friends etc. Having...
Receive SMS Online for Free

Top 5 Sites to receive SMS Online for Free

Whenever we want to use a website’s tools or its services, we are usually required to submit our email address and phone number before being allowed to do any practical work...

Top 5 Free Antivirus Desktop Software

The ever-changing technology is bringing more and more security threats to all the big and small industries. And due to high demand, there are many companies, which are engaged in developing...

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