Different Popular Topics of Website Design Discussed

Creating a responsive website design is the need of today’s digital world where transactions are being made through smartphones and other smaller electronic gadgets. A responsive website design will ensure that a website adjusts to any device in the most decent manner. It may be a 15-inch desktop, a 21-inch iPod, a laptop or even a 4-inch mobile screen. The designers must make sure that all components and elements of the site fit in the screen and are legible for you to read. Website design seems to be the hottest topic since the advent of these smaller digital gadgets and their extensive use. With today’s easy access to Wi-Fi, the need for responsive designs is more than ever.

The Minimalism Concept

Another hot topic for discussion in the world of modern web designing is ‘minimalism.’ This concept has revolutionized the web designing world and is constantly evolving as well. This concept follows the famous adage ‘less is more.’ The web designers are focused on the minimal aspects and incorporate just what needs to be included to convey the message to the user. There are no distracting curves or stunning and vibrant colors to mask the actual information. Modern websites have a clean design and fewer elements with an increased focus on the content. Ideally, the race among the web designers is to create the most gorgeous site with minimum design elements.

Parallax Scrolling Effect

The parallax scrolling effect is another popular consideration by the modern-day web designers. This scrolling effect is becoming more and more popular- both among the designers and the website owners. A lot of animations are used that occur in different layers. These animations take place at different speeds as well. For example, the designer may use a slower speed for the background image and make the foreground image move faster. This will create a better and more pleasing visual effect and a welcome treat to the eyes. However, there are a few discussions on this topic to decide whether to use this feature minimally or maximally in website designing.

Infinite Scrolling Feature

Among the scrolling features, infinite scrolling also finds waters in the discussion topics among modern-day designing experts like Tayloright.com. However, this highly discussed feature poses a significant contest for SEO. If you wonder what this type of scrolling is all about, simply consider the Facebook or Twitter feeds. These are the best samples of this type of scrolling. In this type, the content is automatically updated and keeps on loading every time a user reaches to the bottom of the web page. This type of scrolling feature is best suited for the shopping sites, especially where large varieties of items are displayed for sale.

Cross Browser Compatibility and Typography

Cross-browser compatibility is old fashioned but it seems that it is still imminent in the background. Everyone wants their website to look good irrespective of the browser used which is why the cross-browser compatibility aspect must be considered seriously by the web designers. Likewise, typography is equally an important topic to discuss. This is all about managing the font which in return, is the primary element for the success of the website. The look of the content and its functionality depends upon the fonts along with its legibility and readability. It sets the mood and engages the user. Moreover, neat and clean fonts often grow the interest of the readers.

CSS Animations and Framework

CSS animations and framework are another very important aspect of modern web designs. The designers actively integrate the animations through CSS and it is a very popular trend followed by most. It is important because almost all web pages hinge more on Android. Equally important are the CSS frameworks. Apart from that, video backgrounds, SEO factor and the importance of good content are other topics that are discussed by the designers to ensure a successful and appealing website design.

Interesting and Impressive Colors

Use of bold, vibrant, attractive and interesting colors is also a hot topic for discussion among the web designers in the recent years. Recently, a tremendous increase has been noticed in the application and extensive use of bold colors. This trend is primarily implemented through and for the digital platforms. In 2018, the use of bold colors has become significantly high in web designing. The designers are on the lookout for interesting and impressive ways to apply to their designs so that the sites provide the customers with an exceptionally good experience. More often than not, bold colors used in texts and graphics force the reader to follow the direction intended by the designer.

Story Telling Factor

Modern websites do not restrict their functionality to conveying the information only. With the use of structured and strategic use of animated visualizations, data interpretation, 3D lines, and other techniques, the designs take on a form which is more like a storytelling one than the one with boring information. Unimpressive data which does not have the desired speed is not usable. With the storytelling feature, even the most complex and boring information reaches well to the targeted audience. Thinking out of the box will engage even the newer generations. In 2018 and beyond you can expect even better storytelling strategies in website designing due to easy and better accessibility to the new and better technologies.

Animation in Design

Modern web designs cannot be imagined with the use of animation. It augments virtual reality which helps the designers to explore different possibilities of these virtual models. As information is the key, this aspect ensures that the focus stays on it throughout. Ideally, the designer bridges the gap between data science and design with this feature. In this process, the flow of informative data is increased through the visualization examples.

Flat Design 2.0

Lastly, flat design that was formerly thought to be out of fashion is still relevant in 2018. The experts have renovated it and the new version is known as Flat 2.0. It is also known as semi-flat design and primarily relies on adding depth and toning to the identity. This is done by using gradients and shadows along with improvisation in the web browser functionality.

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