Power from Water with Vortical Tech’s Hybrid Tesla Turbine

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to produce huge amount of electricity for free? Just by using natural water as the input? Well, this can be done by using one of the most efficient and most effective turbine which is called Vortical Tech’s Hybrid Tesla turbine. It is one of the best and most effective hydroelectric turbines about to become available in the market. Hydro power plants and powers houses can install it into their plants and generate huge amount of energy for different uses. It is even a lot better from other turbines as it is the only one that has got the ability to produce 120 watts of electricity from water domestic water unlike all other kinds of hydro turbines which can usually make only one tenth the output.


Vortical Tech Hybrid Tesla turbine


So whenever you take a shower, or wash your hands or dishes, water your garden, or perform any household function with water that is available at your place, you can get electricity generated at the same time without making any extra efforts or using any extra amount of water. Its greatest quality is, that it does not require any external force to make it rotate in order to produce energy. Blades attached to it start rotating whenever water comes in contact with them.

What does it do?


Vortical Tech Turbine is not only used as a machine to generate huge amount of power from water but it also acts as a pressure reducing tool that people can use and regulate the flow of water from streets into their homes. By performing this function it will keep on generating fine amount of electricity as well. Moreover, people will not have to worry about the amount of water that they need to use to generate electricity. Ordinary water from their taps can easily perform as a tool to make electricity. They will not have to buy extra amount of water for this purpose.

Storage of Energy for later usage

Not only this turbine generates power but because of the availability of potteries within it, it can also store huge amount of energy for later usage. So it can provide power whenever it is needed by making use of the stored energy as well.

Key Aspects


Vortical Tech’s Hybrid Tesla turbine


This turbine has introduced a lot of innovations in usual boundary layer turbine technology. A wheel is there which rotates continuously through vanes whenever water is available. So we can say that Vortical Tech turbine makes use of rotational energy by converting water into electric energy. It just uses nozzles and different water pressure to making a mechanical water rotation and hence generating output that is electricity. The waterwheel is a wooden or metallic wheels that has got long bucket like structures added to its periphery. It starts moving as it gets a flow of water.

Hydro power points can use this turbine to generate more and more power by using no input other than just simple water.

You’re probably wondering, why buy this product when you can just go to the market and get a solar panel which is popular among many users for producing renewable energy? The average solar panel is able to produce between 200-320 watts of power, however Vortical Tech’s turbine will be able to generate 120 watts of power and more possibly. You may be repelled to buy after reading this, but wait there’s more – solar panels only work when it’s actually sun and the power output decreases as they grow with age. What makes Vortical Tech’s turbine great is the fact that it’ll be able to give you the output of 2-6 PV panels on cloudy days which is more than you can really ask for. People should take full advantage of utilizing water that’s being wasted by converting it to electrical energy instead.

Unfortunately, Vortical Tech’s Hybrid Tesla turbine is still in the development phase and not available commercially. If you’re wondering about its price, it’s estimated to cost a price of roughly two average solar PV panels according to Vortical Tech’s official site.


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