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Text messaging has become a great part of our life, not just among teenagers but also elders. The average person would prefer to text instead of call when communicating. A survey taken in America few years ago shows that Americans aged over 13 send and recieve a average of 100 text messages per day, compared to 3-5 phone calls. Apart from that, the total number of text messages sent monthly in the US rocketed from 14 billion in 2000 (when phones were just the beginning) to 188 billion in 2010 hence you can say that the average American prefers texting over calls. We’ve also many instant messenging apps available such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook etc that have reduced ” SMS ” text messaging to some extent, along with a few Instant messaging apps that have integrated SMS. 

Just like everything, Text messaging also has it flaws. It has impacted the society in such a way that the average texter prefers to communicate via the phone instead of interacting in real life or they have become addicted that they cannot go a few minutes without texting or touching their phone, hence why no matter where you go: restaurants, cafes, bars, family reunions etc there’s a rare chance you will find a person without a phone in his hand.

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​If you own a business or run a organisation and want to expand it, the first thing in your mind would probably be to promote it on social networks. Social networks have become overrated as everyone is using them these days, hence there is a lot of competition and requires time & dedication to build up social profiles along with reputation and if you were to stop giving your time to them, your fans (or we can say clients) possibly will run away to another business/organisation. Social networks also contain a lot of spam, that makes it harder for business conversions. There’s a high chance that your potential client would have to go through a lot of spam to reach your post, only to skip your post as well thinking it’s spam. 

​But have you ever thought about engaging your clients via SMS? Not many businesses or organisations think of this approach, hence you can say it is a under rated approach and there is a higher chance of conversion and click rate as compared to Social networks, as people are more likely to read text messages over any form of communication because people tend to carry their phones around everywhere, no matter where they go.

There’s a service called ” ProTexting ” which allows you to do this. You may find several other services out there, but Protexting is one of the most reliable as it is used by many reputable businesses/organisations. 

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Here are a few of it’s features:

  • SMS’s can be integrated with Email marketing services (e.g: Mailchimp, Constant contact etc.)
  • Build text messaging lists similar to email list building. 
  • Ability to set up automatic text messages, which is a crucial part and helps develop better relationship with your customers & alert them about specials deals or promotions. 
  • View analytics to analyze your campaign’s performance and boost your revenue.
  • Use of mobile keywords. 

And there’s much more, you can view how ProTexting can benefit you by clicking here


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  • 29th October 2016 at 4:44 pm

    hmm hearing about sms marketing first time, sounds like a good approach. definetly will try this! 🙂

  • 30th October 2016 at 4:51 pm

    exactly how much would i need to invest? sounds expensive


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