Residential IP Proxies

Introduction to Proxy

With the massive increase in scientific inventions in this modern world of science and technology, the security of network is one of the most essential need. Proxy is a kind of computer network that works as a portal for a group of computers (in a company, etc.), keeps their information, and provides them security.


Residential IP Proxies


It is used for different purposes like keeping hackers away from reaching any particular network of computers, maintaining security, etc. it can be used in office computers where a network is created and internet access is provided, then proxy provides the whole network every possible security. Whatever stuff they perform on those computers will be safe from all kind of hacking and scam by secretly hiding the IP address of the user.

Residential IP Proxies

In simple words, we can say that residential proxies not only hide your location, but also provide you different other locations (residences) which you can use to reach any kind of websites, so that none of the hackers or anyone can ever get though know your IP address and can never reach you or any of your online activities. It creates a kind of tunnel where all the data about location goes and it gets locked there. Residential proxies in offices can provide a secret residence to all the computers so that they can do whatever they want to do on their computers with no stress or worries about hackers or anyone who tries to infiltrate their online activities.

If you do not use proxy, you may get blocked by certain websites due to various reasons. Sometimes you do not get permission to enter a site. In order to solve these issues in offices, where there is a huge need to go through various websites, Residential proxy network provides all the computers a residence or ISP which can work for them and can give them license to enter any kind of website.

Pros of using Residential Proxies

  • It provides you a hundred percent reliable network where you can browse anything and perform any of your online activities without giving outside world any clue about what you are doing online.
  • It makes your browsing life easier and smoother and none of the websites can block you or refuse you to enter.
  • Privacy and security is a promise by residential IP proxies since they not only hide your IP address from others but also gives you a whole new residence (location from where you log in and use internet for different activities). The residence can be used by the whole group of computers in an office, or anywhere where a couple of computers have to use internet for various important deals.
  • It can also provide you various IP addresses which you can switch from time to time in order to stay private and secure from people to reach you.
  • It makes your surfing experience more satisfying and effortless by providing you fast internet speed. The server never loses its internet access so you should not worry about internet speed while uploading or downloading any important stuff.


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