Rumors about how will the new iPhone look like?

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of iPhone. Now that iPhone X is out, Apple fans are curiously waiting for the next release. The rumors about the next year’s iPhone have started to emerge and Apple seems to confirm that the rumors are true.

Rumours about how the new iPhone will look like


What’s New?

Most likely Apple is going to launch a new iPhone. The rumors are circulating around Apple launching three new models or a new iPhone SE in 2018. After the success of the iPhone X, Apple is preparing new full-screen phones with an OLED display. Apple is predicted to bring the iPhone X resolution in the future along with the edge to edge screen and higher display. For anyone who’s an iPhone user, it won’t be a surprise to introduced OLED display, but Apple will make sure to introduce something unique than the competitors in the market.

Other Rumors

Apple competes with its biggest rival Android who always try to stay ahead of the competition. In contrast with Samsung OLED game screen, Apple will make the screen large with great signs and ensure securing it from other rivals. Another rumor is that Apple will release three new phones in the coming year with 6.5”display and it’s expected to be priced between $650 to $750.

Better screen display

Apple is reportedly said to be looking into advanced display buying from Japan to be used in the next phones that are considerably less expensive and most likely to be run in the phones without any issue.

Curved screen

The latest iPhone model is expected to feature curved screen similar to Samsung. The model will have rounded curve which will be expensive than the standard Samsung phone. It’s predicted that Apple will release two phones with OLED screen and the other one will have a LCD-TFT display with lower price.

Rear facing 3D scanner

Bloomberg has forecasted that iPhone 11, as we call it will have a 3D scanner. In addition to the Face ID, wireless charging, Animoji’s, and many other features. It’s predicted that augmented reality is integrated into the scanner to give a 3D model atmosphere. Apple has introduced ARKit this year at WWDC 2017.

Long range Qi Wireless charging

It’s believed that Apple will most probably continue the implementation of wireless charging in the upcoming phone. Bloomberg reports Apple is working on wireless charging and improving the battery life. It has brought a relevant change in the battery life of iPhone X similarly it’s expected to be more advanced in the new phones.

Manufacture batteries from LG

Apparently, Apple has selected the exclusive supplier of batteries of the new phones that are due to come out in 2018. It has been claimed that Apple has made contacts with LG to deliver them batteries, it is said that the batteries will be long lasting and also boosts charging.

Apple digital pencil compatibility    

Apple fans have been demanding iPhone pencils from a very long time. Since the screen size are getting bigger it would be convenient to introduced Apple pencil that will prove to be helpful when using. Apple is working on introducing digital pen which will be out in a year or two.

Tech specification

It’s too soon to expect and assume what will be introduced next year. But one thing is clear that Apple will design the GPU itself and will work on the specifications like never before. It will include chip and longer processor too.

New look

The Apple developers and designers are working hard and outing their best effort in the making of new iPhones. The mobile devices will more likely be unique and have an added benefit to it. Analysts have predicted the new phones will drive iPhone fans crazy and will most probably release in next year in September 2018.

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