Save Big Bucks on your next Mobile Phone Contract

Ever thought you are paying too much for your mobile phone plan? You probably are. There are some simple ways to understand how to cut your next plan and control your spending in the future. Did you know, most households now spend more on their mobile phone plans than they do on heating and powering their home?

For instance, look at the average dual fuel bills in the UK.

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Now consider how many mobile phone plans there are per household.

The average mobile phone plan in the UK is just over £45.00 per month. This means the average annual mobile phone bill with 2 plans spend Just over £1094.00 per year. When compared against the average annual fuel bill its likely most family households spend more on their mobile plans than they do on their utility bills.

Reducing your next plan is simple if you follow these next steps.

Choosing your device

The cost of the device can vary depending on certain circumstances. For example. We have recently had several new hands appear on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS and XS Max and Apples new cheaper variation the iPhone XR. When these new devices hit the market the older devices drastically drop in price. If you are an Apple fan, then its best to buy late September. Samsung release their new devices around March and April every year. Knowing when your chosen brand releases their devices can help you save a fortune on last years (WAS STATE OF THE ART) model.

Stepping outside of your normal choices – Like any other market brands win! That does not always mean you are getting the best phone for you. Consider what you use your phone for. For photographic needs, Huawei’s P20 Pro has been touted the best camera phone in 2018. With a triple lens setup this is no surprise. Focus on finding the device which works for what you need. NOT JUST A LOGO. Other manufactures have closed the gap on Apple and Samsung technology and are well worth checking out.

Simply put, don’t purchase only basing upon the best advert on TV. Checkout sites like and compare the phone specifications side by side. If you are not the type of person that must have the latest device because it’s just launched, check out when phone companies release their new devices and save money on the previous generation handset.

Understanding your Data Requirements

Most plans now come with unlimited minutes and text messages; it’s the data plan that adds the extra cost. Understanding your data usage is important, also how to manage your data plan better.

To understand your data requirements, you need to know how you use your phone. If you are a casual user then minimal will do, heavy users might think an unlimited plan is required but it’s highly unlikely.

Where do you use your phone?

What do you use it for?

Source – Fonehouse

Most people would not think 10 GB of data is a lot, its more than enough for most people. This is where managing your data usage is important.

The chart below shows the current average mobile data usage in the UK.

In contrast the average plan purchased in 16 GB of data. Managing your device properly will help you keep your data usage low, and in the long-term save a lot of money.

App Management

What apps you use affects how much data you use when not in reach of WI-FI. Below is the most common apps in the UK and most of these update and stream data on the move.

How many apps you have can also be a data nightmare. The average in the UK is low but many consumers download apps and forget to delete them.

Firstly, you need to look in your app tray and delete any unused apps. Each APP must update and most send push notifications. All these actions use data when on the move. You can control this by turning off automatic updates and notifications. This stops any updates and streaming information when not in reach of WI-FI.

Conserving Data

Some simple tricks can conserve your data. Think about what you need when you are on the move. If you watch movies or listen to music, then download before you go. There’s a reason they now have phone storage that rivals a laptop! Most new phones can also take a memory card so there really is no excuse to not be efficient with your streaming on the move.

Log into FREE WI-FI

People just don’t take the time to ask. Most businesses, pubs, cafes and even London buses now boast free WI-FI. It only takes a second to find out the code and conserve your own data.

Shopping smart for a phone is not about finding the best deal on a comparison site. Retailers always keep the best deals for their websites so checkout online retailers direct.

Lastly, Find the phone and plan that suits what you need, your lifestyle and what you plan to use it for.


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