Top-Of-The-Line Security Solutions for Your Mobile Subscribers

It is important for business owners to offer the best security for their company. This includes security protection for company’s mobile phone connections to protect the most confidential information as a top concern. Signaling attacks to your network happen every single day. Your network is not alone; there are millions of attacks happening every day, unbeknownst to anyone’s knowledge. Without the proper protection, your business’s customers are at risk of massive financial loss. Can you imagine losing everything, dealing with major privacy and revenue issues just because the Mobile Network was unprotected by these malicious attacks?


Cellusys to the rescue:

Fortunately, offers solutions to these problems. They take care of the security, so you don’t have to worry about hackers getting into your signalling network, and sensitive data leaking out. Their state-of-the-art systems can help identify and prevent security problems right off the bat. This includes security problems when it comes to Signalling, SMS (Short Message Service), and more.


Continuous Protection:

The Cellusys Signaling Firewall incorporates a flexible rules system which actively and continuously prevents these attacks. With real-time monitoring and protection, they can help identify and stop any new undefined threats to Mobile Signalling Networks. They offer valuable intelligence which will help taking preventative measures to avoid similar attacks in the future – this includes a detailed report delivered to MNO (Mobile Network Operator).


SMS Firewall solutions:

Additionally, your mobile network will be protected with Cellusys’ cutting edge SMS Firewall solution which will protect your SMS traffic against various security risks such as viruses, spam, spoofing, fraud, faking and SMiShing. This firewall is the most high-performing, scalable SMS protection available for all types of network operators. More importantly, you can deploy the said protection above to all your MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) to protect all your subscribers.


Signalling Intelligence:

Their inbuilt Signalling Intelligence is able to execute complex protection tasks and works with multiple rules for powerful policy enforcement, guaranteeing maximum security for your network.

Keep in mind that it is always better to take preventive measures for your customer’s protection, rather than fighting an ongoing security breach later.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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