5 Security Tips to Safeguard Your Android Phone

It is a known fact that we depend on our mobile phones way too much. The main reason behind this is the information accessibility it offers to its users. Since that information is much more precious than the mobile phone itself, we need to protect it. An Android phone is as vulnerable to security breaches and attacks as an iPhone itself. Despite the risks of attacks and data being stolen, many of us seldom worry about the security of our android phones. Although there are steps to take immediately after your identity stolen and apps for Android Security, it is best to take preventive measures to avoid any bottleneck security situations. 

To protect your valuable data and information follow these five security tips to safeguard your Android phone.

Android Security

Password protect your Android phone:

Password protecting your phone is one of the first steps you need to take to make your Android phone secure unless your phone is already password protected. Make sure that password does not have your birthdate or your house number in it. Password seems a little less important in the age of biometric identification, but the PIN is still the safest way as compared to fingerprints, patterns etc.

Android Security

Encrypt your Phone:

Once you encrypt your android phone, the data in your phone would be converted into a format that becomes inaccessible for other parties without the key. This is very helpful if someone gets access across your lock screen and tries to copy data from your phone. The Android phone working on Lollipop or other updated versions has a setting for default encryption. You can enable this setting manually too by going into phone settings.


Use apps from Google Play Store only:

Trusting unauthenticated sources to download apps increases the chance of dodgy apps landing in your phone. These malicious apps can steal your data or spy on you. Therefore, always download apps from Google Play Store only. The reason is that Google ensures that the apps are safer to use and the feature of Google Play Protect automatically authenticates the safe apps.

Android Security

Enable Google’s Find My Device:

Google’s Find My Device comes in very handy when your Android phone is lost or stolen. This is basically a location service that allows you to track your phone or remove the data from it in case the device is stolen. To protect the data on your Android phone, you have to add your google account in your android phone and switch on the location service to access this feature. This feature will perform the following operation:

  • Update the lock screen password
  • Erase all the data of the device
  • Lock the screen of the Android phone
  • Disable some of the lock screen features of your android phone.


Check for App-Permissions and malicious apps:

Ever wondered why only a few apps require so many permissions or need to scan the data that seems unrelated to their function? Many spyware can disguise as an app, can easily access your private data and even record your conversations through your phone’s microphone. Therefore, you should revisit the app-permissions to find such malicious apps on your android phone. Following are some characteristics of spyware apps to help you identify such bogus apps on your android phone:

  • Drains the phone battery
  • Unknown data usage
  • Slow performance of your android phone
  • Strange messages appearing.

After you find spyware on Android make sure to delete it as soon as possible and keep an eye on app-permissions. 

Better stay safe than regret later:

Few extra security steps can save you the regret of losing your valuable data to some thief or unauthorized person. Therefore, the time spent on implementing these security steps won’t be wasted. These simple steps would make your android phone secured and protected more than ever.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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