Share music on Facebook easily – Facebook Music Stories

Sharing music on Facebook has become a lot easier now thanks to the recent Facebook update labeled ” Music Stories ” which will allow you to share music to your friends from iTunes or Spotify (more are on the way) and allow your friends to listen to 30 seconds version of the song on Facebook and also be given a option to download the song. Unfortunately this update is only for iPhone users and if this becomes a success, you can expect to see it for Android users soon too. 

Facebooks new update music stories allows you to share music from spotify or itunes only available for iphone so far

This is a unique step taken by Facebook as they never concentrated on Music much where as ” Myspace ” previous king of Social networking paid much attention to music discovery. So let’s see how this goes. Make sure to leave your Feedback on what you think about this move by Facebook on the comments section below!


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