Six fun games you can install on your iPad today

In today’s world where smartphones and tablets have become as normal as anything, you can install games with just the tap of your finger. They have become such a huge part of our life that we find ourselves playing one game or another in our classrooms or workplaces. game provides you with a lot of fun multiplayer games.


Six fun games you can install on your iPad


There are games that you have to pay for, and then there are completely free games that are addicting and entertaining with the option to play offline. With millions of game in our reach, there are so many options available that sometimes you do not know which ones are worth spending the time on. You can search on your app store and find many amazing games. Here are six fun games that you can easily install on your iPad today.

1.    Mekorama

Mekorama is a fun game that will get anyone hooked whether they are adults or children and does not take much of your phone storage. Mekorama offers 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas in which you have to figure out the way and help a tiny robot get home. Puzzle games may be challenging but solving them will give you the ultimate satisfaction. There are even dramatic tracks that play in the background while you play. Players can build their own puzzles which other people can solve. The best part about this game is not only is it free of cost, but you are not bothered by any ads.

2.    Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the very successful Temple Run and is so much better. Your character has to literally run for his or her life or get eaten by a giant monster. Your character keeps on running and cannot stop; while you have to make sure that it does not trip or fall. Temple Run 2 has better graphics and more characters, some of which you will have to buy to play with.

3.    Cut the Rope

Feed the tiny adorable creature Om Nom by getting the candies into his mouth. You have to be smart and cut the candy-ropes with care, so they do not break or fall somewhere else. Cut the Rope is very addicting especially for children and has multiple boxes, each one having a different theme, all of them colorful and catchy, and different hurdles to cross to feed Om Nom. The game has sufficient levels which are free to play, but after that, you have to buy the more advanced levels.

4.    Smash Hit

This game requires your attention and precision while you travel through time and space. You have to destroy any obstacle, mostly glass that comes in your way. As you move further the speed gains, and the harder it becomes to survive. You are given balls to break the glass away, and those balls multiply if you are running smoothly if not, you can get into trouble. This game is also free of cost and very challenging. With practice, you can reach higher levels.

5.    Little Alchemy 2

For people who love chemistry, this game is for you! Little Alchemy is easy to play and fascinating. Combine different elements and discover new ones. You start off by making gasses like oxygen and can end up making spaceships and unicorns. The game requires logic like two elements mixing to form another, and sometimes you have to be imaginative like combining a bird with metal to get an airplane. Little Alchemy 2 is a great game for children because it is not only creative but informative as well.

6.    Time Locker

If you want a casual shooter game for your iPad, then Time Locker is the perfect distraction. The game has vibrant bright colors that are a delight to look at. In this virtual world, everything moves with your finger and with the speed that you choose to drag your finger with. It is an abstract minimal world where you can freeze everything or bring them back to life.



All of these games are fun to play and are an excellent way to spend the free time on your hands. These games can be installed on your iPad with no difficulty and that too without any cost.


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