What is GBWhatsApp and its Features

Whats Is GBwhatsapp & Its Features

In 2017, it was unveiled that over 60 billion messages are sent everyday on WhatsApp by 1.5 billion unique users. Majority of these users are very protective of their privacy; some hide...

How to manage your liked pages on Facebook

We like different pages on Facebook in order to keep ourselves updated with whatever information they post. But sometimes, because we had liked too many pages, we fail to see the...
How to turn off last seen on Instagram

How to turn off last seen on Instagram

Instagram has recently launched an update which allows users to see last time they opened their app termed as “ Activity Status ” , Instagram’s version of last seen.. It’s about...
How to retrieve deleted whatsapp messages on Android

How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

Want to know how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on Android that have been accidentally deleted?     Who doesn’t use WhatsApp these days? And who doesn’t hate it when they accidentally delete their...
Delete Whatsapp Messages

How to Delete Whatsapp Messages from other phone

If you’re a WhatsApp user then you probably made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong person at least once in your lifetime. In some cases, it can be...

How to get more questions on Sarahah App

It's at the highest point of the app store's charts, beating out YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. In any case this leads us to the basic questions, what is...

How to increase snapchat score 2017

Social media plays a large role in people's lives these days. It helps us explore new things, stay in touch with friends and family and lets you share pictures and videos....

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