Ever had the desire to mark every step you take? How about an app which will let you realize your dream of recording your journeys towards beautiful destinations? Yes, you read it right! Introducing a whole new concept of GPS tracking with Trip Tracker GPS.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a keen explorer of places known and unknown to you, this app will go along with you and record your tracks.

Forget counting your steps and marking turns at every step of the way as Trip Tracker will do that for you, right from your palm or your pocket.

Here is how Trip Tracker is creating magnanimous hype in the world of explorers and general users:

Real-Time Trip Tracking

Whether you are returning home from your school or have stepped outside at 2 am in the morning for a late-night countryside cycling endeavor, the Trip Tracker will literally record each and every step you take whilst maintaining a track of your path. May it is running, walking, cycling, boating or traveling by air, this app has the capability to track your trip from anywhere to everywhere.


Calculate your BMI

How would you like to calculate your BMI right from the app without any hassle? Trip Tracker fulfills this desire of users as well by offering an in-app BMI calculator great for those wanting to track their gain weight or lose weight journey. Simply add your gender, height, and weight, and the calculator will tell you whether you have a normal BMI or an under/overweight physique.

Trip Tracker GPS


User-Centric App Settings

Speaking of App settings, Trip Tracker has truly won the heart of its users given how user-centric these settings are. You get to switch to a power save mode to preserve your smartphone battery as well as adjust voice controls according to your preferences. Enjoy a hands-free and visual-free trip tracking with this ultimate Trip Tracker app.

Trip Tracker GPS App


Share your Performance

As an explorer or a traveler, it is the desire of most to be able to share his progress with his near and dear ones. Trip Tracker has a sharing option using which you can not only share your tracks but also tell others about the progress which you are making in terms of calorie loss and breaking personal fitness records.


Multiple Tracking Modes:

From walking and running to boating and flying by air, Trip Tracker will record each and every trip you take. Moreover, if you want to switch between map types, simply go to settings and select from Satellite, Hybrid and Standard map options.

Trip Tracker Tracking Modes

Keep a Record of your Trips

Record keeping is the core of tracking your trips and progress. Trip Tracker offers an exclusive feature of recording your favorite destinations and trips which can later be exported or emailed in the form of excel files.

Trip Tracker Trip Record


Download Trip Tracker!

Have you got a thing for exploration and track keeping? Trip Tracker is undoubtedly the best application for you to install on your smartphone. Hurry up and download it today to take part in all the traveling and exploration fun!

Get Pro!

Are you thrilled by the mention of basic Trip Tracker Package? Think of all the perks which you can unlock by getting the Trip Tracker Professional! Go Pro to enjoy unlimited access to all your favorite activities and app features.

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