Do You Have The Power To Stream? Cutting The Cord On Cable With Faster Internet

Everywhere you look, there is a company offering streaming services for their programming. From an Netflix and Amazon Prime to Hulu and apps for streaming live sports, you have an array of options to select from for streaming content. While this may be a viable way to move away from cable, you need to be certain that you have the power and speed to stream without interruption or hassle.

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to tune into your favorite show when all it does is buffer and stall. It is most likely not the fault of your streaming service. Instead, these delays are likely caused by slow internet speed. Even the fastest browsers for surfing internet fail to function if the internet speed is slow. 

Test Your Internet Speed First

Before you get too excited about canceling your cable service, you need to ensure you have an internet connection that is fast enough to handle the demands of streaming on a regular basis. Out of all the top tips for improving video streaming, having a good internet speed is a must. Plus, you need to consider how much bandwidth you actually need to engage with your streaming provider as well as use all the other electronic devices that you are using at the same time in your home.

There are a number of ways to be certain that you have an internet service that is fast enough to handle the demands of your household. In order to determine if you are ready and capable of handling a full-time streaming commitment, you need to find out what your internet speed actually is.

While you can easily call your internet provider to ask what type of upload and download speed you have as part of your contract, we all know the frustrations this can bring – long wait times, inaccurate answers and a number of questions that you don’t want to answer. There is a solution!

You can actually test your internet speed right on the internet. There are sites that are dedicated to measuring internet speed real-time, so you can get a good feel of where your internet stands and more importantly if it is fast enough to stream content.

Using sites such as will allow you to measure your internet speed instantly in a few simple clicks. This can be beneficial to not only determine if your service is in line with what you were promised, but it can help you understand if you need to bump your internet speed for content streaming. can rapidly calculate your internet speed just by undergoing a test that literally takes only a few minutes to complete. This will tell you the upload as well as the download speed that you have. When you are armed with this information, you will be able to understand if your internet is fast enough for streaming.


The Right Internet Speed For Your Streaming Service

According to Netflix, the recommended internet speed to use with its service is a minimum connection speed of 20-25 Mbps. Of course, if your internet connection is faster than 20-25 Mbps, it will work even better to stream content.

But, with just 20-25 Mbps of speed, your internet will most likely be able to handle most streaming services that you opt to go with. However, you do need to consider if you will be using HD or if you have a gamer or internet surfer in the house that will be using the internet at the same time.

Now, we have established that if you have checked your internet speed with or a site like it, you are in good shape to cancel your cable service and move toward a streaming lifestyle. But what if you check your internet speed is below the 20-25 Mbps recommended? You guessed it; now it is time to call your internet service provider and upgrade your internet service.


Enhance Your Streaming Experience

While you certainly can suffer through streaming content with an internet connection below 20-25 Mbps, you will, however, have a challenging time watching any content without interruption on your screen. You will want to up your internet speed for a more enjoyable experience as you watch.

Cutting the cord of cable doesn’t have to be an afterthought. You can do it without regret if you make sure that you have an internet connection that you can rely on and trust. Fast internet is they key to ensuring that you are satisfied with your decision to discontinue your cable service and use streaming companies going forward.

Making the switch to streaming services is becoming the norm as more consumers opt to go with these companies over having to pay for cable, which can be significantly higher in some cases. With the right internet speed, you can get rid of cable for good. Just plan ahead, check your internet speed, and upgrade if necessary, to ensure you don’t have disruption as you stream. The results will be worth your efforts as you get to sit back and enjoy your favorite programming.


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