Tame a dragon by downloading Nightwing the Dragon Runner today

Do you love dragons? Do you love games? If the answer to both questions a yes, you’ll love the latest running and jumping game in town: Nightwing the dragon runner! Take complete control of a beautiful dragon by making it run, jump, and breathe fire. Your target is simple: survive and collect coins. This is exactly what makes this game downright addicting! Here’s a little heads-up for you before you start playing it: although the target is simple, don’t take the game lightly! Be prepared for countless enemies ready to kill your dragon, tons of obstacles, and an overload of excitement!



Feel the adrenaline rush with Nightwing the Dragon Runner

Feel the hair on your arms stand on the edge and a burst of adrenaline all through your body with this exciting running game. With a tough mission at hand such as this, the game can become dangerously addictive. Be prepared to take a little scolding from your mom when you don’t make it to the dinner table on time. You have, after all, a dragon to save… if only moms could understand!


Need reasons to download the app? Here is a bunch:

It is Free!

Unlimited hours of fun and all the features of the application available for free? That’s not something that comes around so often. And when it does, you download it right away and enjoy it to the fullest. Rest assured that you won’t find any hidden charges to unlock higher levels, no annual fees, and no subscription charges. To put it in simple words: Nightwing is completely free!

Get it on Google Play
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Attractive graphics:

You don’t settle for poor graphics or complex designs which make an app difficult to use, do you? You’re not alone in this case, nobody settles for low standards in this century especially for applications. Out of the tons of gaming applications, you will find that this one stands out because of its superior graphics and simple usage. You will love controlling your dragon in this amazing environment.


Simple to play:

Want to cut the chase and get right to the play? Are you feeling the urge to play an arcade game right away before first walking yourself through a series of tutorials? As for Nightwing, no need to waste any time learning how to play it first. Be your own instructor and learn as you play, it is that simple and yet enthralling!


Play offline:

It’s possible that you don’t have internet access at all times but you still want to enjoy a good game. Well, Nightwing takes your entertainment seriously and supports gaming both online and offline. So, buckle up and strep into a whole new world of thrilling dragon adventures.


What’s left to think about? Start running with Nightwing!

Now is the time you head right to the Google apps store, type ‘Nightwing the dragon runner’, and download the first game on the list. It will take barely seconds to download into your phone. Done! Now you can enjoy unlimited hours of running and jumping anytime and anywhere you want! Happy running!


Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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