Top 8 Amazing Tech Gifts for Gadget and Gear Lovers

Are you looking forward to surprising your gadget-geek friend with an awesome tech gift on his birthday?

Are you confused about what to gift to your tech-savvy friend from a wide variety of gadgets on his big day? Well, this article is going to clear all your confusions and will help you to choose the right item for your dear one:


Handheld Massager:

Aching muscles are almost a common problem of every other person. It can be caused due to work-related stress or an inactive lifestyle. However, having a handheld massager is nothing less than a blessing that can quickly relieve the pain.  The lightweight handheld massager offers portability and works with the battery. Hence, your gear geek friend can take it anywhere to get instant relief from pain and would surely like this present much.



Point and Shoot Camera:

This new addition to the camera family introduces a more compact version and is best for shooting videos. In addition, a point and shoot camera are ideal for impromptu photoshoots.  The gadget geek person in your life would love to have one. Find the best point and shoot cameras under 500 at


Power Bank:

Tech-lovers might be surrounded by a lot of electronic devices that require charging as their battery ends. However, the availability of electricity can put them in trouble. But you can save them from back-end hassle by gifting them a power bank. They keep battery stored in them to use when in need and are available in different sizes and shapes of USB ports.

Power bank


Pixelated Sunglasses:

They offer shatter resistance as well as maximum protection to the eyes from UV rays. So, it can be a smart present for your tech geek friend.


Cord Organizer:

A cord organizer is an awesome item that can hold all the cords and cables of your tech-lover friend nicely. In fact, it offers a neat-looking and mess-free containment to all the cords so it is a highly useful item.   

Cord Organizer



These small-sized and easy to carry speakers make listening to the music possible at almost any place. Furthermore, it’s easy to carry them when going outside and can make traveling entertaining particularly if one is traveling alone.   



Tear-less Onion Glasses:

Your dear one can enjoy tear-less chopping of onion with wearing tearless onion glasses. They actually provide sealing and protection to the eyes from the outer environment. Moreover, they also have anti-fogging characteristics to allow visible and enjoyable cooking.  Hence, it can be a nifty way to cook the food in particular if your loved one is also fond of cooking.

Onion Glasses


Smart Coffee Maker:

Well, this can be the most amazing and useful gift to get an instant boost of energy through a warm cup of coffee. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-fi connectivity so to let you know when your coffee is prepared. Additionally, one can adjust the level to brew the coffee as per desire. Your gadget lover dear one would be highly grateful to you and must admire this gift a lot.

Smart Coffee Maker


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