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Who knew that the world of shopping could take such a thrilling turn with the introduction of Allyos App? By being the first ever Social Shopping app, Allyos has dramatically changed the cliché ways and requirements of shopping. With this app, you no longer have to keep a specific amount of upfront cash to get the items of your interest. All you have to do is pitch in a dollar and wait for your luck to play its role. Here’s how this incredible app is going to revolutionize the way we view online, or should I say Social shopping.

Tesla iPhone for one dollar with money back guarantuee

1.     First ever Social Shopping app

Allyos is a unique app that defies the old-fashioned requirements for a successful business which are: the potential buyers should have an interest in the stock available at retailers and they should have an upfront amount to pay for the goods.  Allyos eliminates these requirements by picking a highly demanded good, setting a definite retail price, determines a time limit and gathers a pool of potential buyers which contribute one dollar per hour in the campaign. One winner gets the item from the campaign and the rest avail their own special cuts in prices. CrowdShopping used to be a concept out of the many but, with the creation of Allyos app, it is now a reality.

2.     Add thrill to your shopping

Allyos is specifically created to add an element of thrill to your already amusing shopping spree. It offers equal participation opportunities to all the potential buyers by allowing them to ‘IN’ only one dollar every hour. Although you can increase your chances of winning by adding more and more Indollars in the on-going campaign after every hour, the opportunity of participation remains equal for everyone. Once the campaign ends, the winner is announced and the thrill which prevails from pitching Indollars till the selection of winners cannot be found in any other shopping forms. Due to its pre-determined parity in opportunities, Social Shopping at Allyos is far different and much better from gambling, especially as you always get your money back in discount.

3.     Afford luxuries

Do you want to get the sports car of your dreams, avail a luxury trip to your dream destination or buy the house that you have always wished to live in? You can afford all of these luxuries of life at the cost of $1 only. When you top-up your InWallet in the Allyos app, you are given a chance to convert it into ‘InDollars’. These Indollars are actually the tokens which give you an opportunity to participate in the on-going packages and campaigns. The more InDollars you invest in the campaign, the greater chances of winning you have. This means that with an investment of $1 only, you can add your favorite luxury items from Allyos’ listings.

4.     Golden opportunity for businessmen

Allyos app is equally rewarding to both- businessmen and buyers. When a crowd of potential buyers pays $1 to participate in a certain ongoing business campaign, enough amount is generated to pay the manufacturer up front for the good in the listings. By using the Allyos app, not only the businesses generate lump amounts and solid buyers networks, but also they get a chance to determine which of their goods is most favored in the market. The suppliers are saved from the risks of moving and losing their stocks. By getting a chance to expand their business and create more job posts, the suppliers generate maximum profit from volume sales done through the Allyos App.

5.     Everyone gets discounts

Despite the limitation of only one winner per campaign, the rest of the buyers enjoy their own special price cuts on other listings. These discounts start from 2 % and can go as high as 30% percent. This means that once you have signed up for Allyos app and invested an InDollar in any of the campaigns, nothing can stop you from enjoying special price cuts in one way or the other.

6.     Purchase and aid

Allyos app is here to change your perspective on shopping. By using this app, you not only get a chance to afford a $70,000 car in $1 only but also get the opportunity to play your role in philanthropy. Every week an integrated charity is selected by the Allyos community and 1 percent of the total sales made during the week are donated to this charity. This means that you will not only be enjoying a thrilling shopping spree but also help the needy through every InDollar that you spend.

7.     Discover and explore

Joining before the Global Soft Launch and being a new user of the Allyos App has its own exclusive perks. These perks include exclusive discounts on specific listings to build your trust on the authenticity of this app and for early birds the first Indollar to try the concept is Free. As you progress through various levels of buying, new listings will become accessible to you. Allyos is the Social and Crowdshopping app of the future as it was created for the most balance and it is here to stay for a long time.

Get your hands today on this incredible app to get on board by testing the Free Allyos Lite version downloadable only from the official Allyos website. You can experience the Allyos Social Shopping lifestyle so you never pay full price again. By joining now before the Full version app becomes available in the app stores you can participate in the huge product Giveaways like iPhone X and Playstation 4.


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