The best 6 word games for iPhone 2018

Do you like word games and enjoy playing them on your smartphone? I’m sure if you’re like many of us, you do. Want to know the best word games for iPhone, then read on.

The best 6 word games for iPhone 2018

1. Wordscapes

It is a relatively new game that combines word creation with crossword puzzles. You simply swipe to connect letters thus creating words to fit in the crossword. It is worth noting that not all possible words are actually correct. For you to succeed they have to fit into the crossword.

Wordscapes is the game you need if you are a person that loves relaxing word puzzle games. The puzzle packs come with lovely themes with beautiful imagery that range from forests to sunrises to oceans. The game’s soundtrack is also quite pleasant to help improve your experience.


2. Word Crush: Hidden Themes

Word Crush: Hidden Themes is another letter-connecting word game. Letters are presented for you to connect that create words for that these. The trick is that once you swipe through them, the rest of the letters fall, which is why you need to ensure that you connect them properly if you have more than one of the same letters.

Avoid making mistakes and try earning stars to help you unlock more themes. If you do well, you can head to the farm, kitchen, beach, or even outer space. Word Crush: Hidden Themes might have a simple concept, but the gameplay is highly enjoyable.


3. Pictoword

You might be a person that loves mixing pictures when playing word games. If you are such a person, you need to check out Pictoword. It is an exceptional word challenge that tests solving skills. You will find 2 pictures, which when combined form a word. For instance, one picture might be of a key while the other one a chalkboard. You should fill in the number of letters shown to create a single word based on the images provided. In case of the example provided, the word formed is keyboard.

Pictoword offers you quests that you can complete to earn extra goodies, so ensure that you regularly check for new ones. You can also join the daily challenges to earn coins and use the coins to get hints that either allow you to skip the puzzle or reveal or remove letters. Pictoword is the perfect combination of a word and picture game.


4. Wordalot

Wordalot is another exciting word game that uses pictures. Wordalot is much different than Pictoword since it is a crossword puzzle. The clues for each word are contained within the picture displayed. You thus must pay close attention since it can be quite the challenge.

Tap one word in the puzzle that you believe you know to play. Fill in the letters from the ones provided, find out whether you are right, and keep going. If you change your mind about a letter, remove it from the puzzle by tapping it. For every word you tap the letter set will change, which is a hint in itself. If you need some help, try


5. Word Cookies

Word Cookies is an exciting game with jolly music and an upbeat theme that will have you looking forward to solving its puzzles. You will then see spots that show the number of words that you can create along with the number of letters in each. You can then create correct words that fit by dragging through the letters at the bottom.

Word Cookies will let you use hints or shuffle the letters if you ever get stuck. You start the game as a Novice Chef but you can become an Ultimate Chef within a short time with your problem-solving skills. Currently, the game has 32 packs with about 600 levels of fun.


6. WordWhizzle Search

In terms of gameplay, WordWhizzle Search is similar to Word Cookies but has an impressive number of levels at 900+. A theme is displayed at the top while the bottom contains spots for words. To create words that fit the spots and match the theme, swipe through the letters.

WordWhizzle Search is somewhat trickier since letters can only be connected in straight lines. However, it is possible to use letters several times. The better that you do, the further your progress will be and the harder the game will get. This word game is the perfect challenge for fans of word games.

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