The Wall: Winter Zombies are coming – Game of Thrones Android App

Have you ever noticed that the world is no longer the same as it used to be? Don’t you think that the world has dramatically changed and become complex? Interestingly, people believe that life has turned out to have become challenging than a few years ago, busiest than ever, driven by diverse walks of life than before and much more. But what I think is otherwise. Because those who really desire to spare some time from their busy schedule for entertainment—indoor or outdoor games—find no hard in doing so. Those who love to engross in the best of excitements often managed to devote themselves towards some kind of game. The reason is as simple as it has to be. Gaming is something which relaxes your mind, helps you perform better, optimizes your productivity and offers you great fun.

Nowadays, games are just one-click away from us. We have smartphones that are an asset, we usually carry around with us all the time. It takes no more than a minute to download any game and starting utilizing the free time. No matter where you are, gaming is something you can do to help pass the time quickly, while keeping yourself entertained.

Although gaming may seem more of a guilty pleasure, as they just tend to suck your time when you could actually be doing something MORE productive such as studying, doing chores etc. however, they’ve been proven to be more beneficial than people actually think, as research suggests that gaming helps increase brain memory capacity as well as help develop the brain. Apart from gaming, people tend to get distracted easily by TV shows and movies. Hopefully, you may heard of the famous TV show “ Game of Thrones “. If you haven’t, you need to get out of your cave. If you have heard but haven’t watched it, then do watch and you definitely won’t regret it! But I’m just going to assume you’re already a fan of Game of Thrones. How awesome would it be if you got to play a game ABOUT Game of Thrones on your Android smartphone

The Wall: Winter Zombies are coming

In this article we will be discussing about an Android game named The Wall: Winter Zombies Are Coming, which is surrounding the Android gaming market these days. The wall: Winter zombies are coming is an android game app that is available for free on the Google Play Store. Excitedly, if you need a cure for the disease of excessive work at the office, boredom homework of the school, overload of work imposed by your boss, then playing this game will help you feel relaxed, happy, give you fun, and the most important, relief from an ever-rising stress.

The Wall: Winter Zombies are coming Game of Thrones Android App Preview

Download link: Android

What’s best of all, is that this game does not require much thinking to play, as it’s very simple to play and you can get started without reading the instructions. You’re probably wondering after reading the title, why “ ZOMBIES? “ and why not Whitewalkers? That’s the catch. Maybe the owner didn’t do much research or he just wanted to keep the game unique. In this game, you’ll be facing against zombies instead of whitewalkers. But what’s awesome is the fact that you will be playing as JON SNOW!

What’s best in The Wall: Winter Zombies Are Coming?

This game appears to be quite different and unique from most games you’ve probably played and if you are the great fan of Game of Thrones (GoT) series, then you already have an idea on what this game is based upon. The theme, characters, and features may seem familiar to you, but it doesn’t mean that the one who doesn’t watch GoT cannot play this game. It is easy. 

The Wall: Winter Zombies are coming Game of Thrones Android Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, you are the lord commander of the king’s Black Castle, Jon Snow. (After reading this, you should already be tempted to go and install this game already.) Winter is COMING and instead of whitewalkers, the horde of zombies is coming. So you as the guardian of the Black Castle’s wall must not allow the ill-natured and devious zombies to pass through. Killing the zombies is your main objective so that they cannot move across the wall and invade Westeros. If any zombie manages to escape then that marks the end of the game. You stand on the top, throwing stones on the zombies who are continuously moving on the land.

Few features:

  • Developed by Alex Schelowski (make sure to check out his other apps as well!)
  • It has awesome graphics and beautiful sounds, to enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Leaderboard mechanism, so you can compete against friends online.
  • Requires Android: 3.0 and up (hence almost everyone can play)

Conclusion: The game is fairly easy to play and doesn’t require much strategy as all you’ve to do is kill zombies, however what makes this game great is that it’s based on Game of Thrones series, which is a reputable show and it’s a great 10 minutes game to play, to pass the time quickly when you’re in the queue or waiting for someone etc.


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