Top 5 tips to do effective Instagram marketing

When you think of sharing stories, the next thing that instantly pops up in your mind is Instagram. With 800 million users coming in every month, you can very well imagine the popularity of this website. The popularity of social networking platforms such as this one goes tremendously in favor of many businesses.

Making an account and marketing through Instagram automation might even be the most effective means of attracting a large group of customers. However, there are certain strategies when it comes to marketing your product on Instagram effectively. Here are the top five tips for effective Instagram marketing:

Instagram marketing

Switch to Business profile:

If you’re not already using a Business profile, it’s about time you do. Just go to the settings and select ‘switch to business profile’. Using a business profile has many benefits over a regular profile.

  1. Your contact will be made available to your followers to make it easier for them to approach you.
  2. You have access to ‘Insights’ which lets you stay informed about the number of people reading your posts.
  3. You can create ads and publish them without using the advertising tools of Facebook.

Instagram Insights:

Instagram insights are a strong set of tools. It lets you have some valuable insights into your followers and the impressions that your posts are leaving upon them. Here are some examples of what it will include:

Impressions: number of times your post was viewed.

Reach: number of distinct accounts viewing your post.

Website clicks: number of times your website link was clicked.

Besides these, the Insights also let you in on demographic information regarding your audience. This will include the gender, location, and age of your audience in addition to their most active hours.

Instagram Stories:

If you’re already an Instagram user, you would know how ‘stories’ can be a strong means for grabbing the attention of an audience. They are slideshows which can convey your complete message in one place. Although they will live for 24 hours, you can save them in your own system and reuse them whenever needed.


Team up with Influencers:

Instagram influencers are the VIPs whose say goes a long way in influencing the decision of potential buyers. It would do your business plenty of good to endorse yourself with a good influencer. It is understandable that your business profile might not have many followers if it’s new. However, your product can be advertised by one of the influencers who have over a million followers. Imagine how many more potential buyers you will be grabbing with a single post of an influencer!  


Multiple Instagram accounts:

It is very crucial for anyone who is using an Instagram account for marketing to manage it well. Sometimes, one manager may have a huge portfolio and maybe managing different accounts from one system. However, social media often limits the number of accounts one can use simultaneously from one IP address, such as Instagram which allows no more than 5 accounts being run from the same IP. Here is where the need for using proxies for handle Multiple IG  accounts. Another reason to use Instagram proxies is to manage one brand or company from remote locations each having its own social media manager but all being tied to one IP address.


These are only some of the ways you can use Instagram accounts for brand marketing. If you explore Instagram for yourself, you will find many more ways relevant to your own company.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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