5 Actionable Tips to Help You Grow Your Instagram Followers to 200K

Right now, Instagram is useful for building your personal and business brand. Therefore, if you were neglecting this social media platform you need to harness the potential benefits that attracting followers, mentions, likes and comments which Instagram has. Instagram has a wide platform with over 1 billion users that are active every month, week and day and hence, having a large following can mean more views, engaging with a stronger bigger community for your personal or business brand. This translate into more sales for your business, and better following for your personal brand or blog. You may wonder how people have thousands of Instagram followers and how they do not stagnate upon reaching a certain amount of followers. To help you grow your first 200k followers here are some five actionable to grow your followers to more than 200K.


Be Consistent With Your Theme and Aesthetics

Choose a theme that reflects your voice, the content you want to be putting out there or how you want your brand to be associated or resonate with. If it is a female voice, humor fashionable content etc., stick with this theme throughout your page. Consistency is very important to keep your followers engaged.

Post Quality Content Consistently

Social media and especially Instagram is visually distracting and hence to engage followers, you need to be consistent in giving your followers the quality content that you need. Even once you find a safe site to buy Instagram followers you have to engage them and meet their expectations of consistent posting to attract more followers and engagement. When you post great content it is an opportunity to gain new followers as your existing followers will tag someone else who can appreciate the content, connect with it and follow you as well.


Post Content with Unique Hashtags

Hashtags are great as they are effective in relating the relevance of your post to your target audience. However, don’t go overboard as posting posts with too many hashtags will raise Instagram’s suspicions that you are spamming and hence they will limit your reach and prevent you from gaining new followers. Have a list of effective go to hashtags to paste in your comments and think out unique ones for your captions.


Tag Relevant Bigger Accounts in Your Posts

If you create great content then you should tag bigger relevant accounts that will appreciate the post and maybe repost or follow back which gives your account more exposure. For original content, use a watermark to get credit and exposure and hence use a legible watermark that is not too distracting.


Schedule Your Posts for Optimal Times

Depending on your location, post when your target audience is most likely to be on Instagram scrolling through content and post them. Use Instagram analytics to find out the best time for your specific type of content. Also, geotag your photos. These tips will ensure you get more followers and engage with them for better benefits to your business or personal brand.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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