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There are thousands of free to play games available on the Google Play Store but you’re probably not sure which to download hence why you’ve decided to search top 10 android games which lead you to this article. I’ve decided to round up my top 10 list of Favorite Addicting Android games you can easily find on the Google Play Store and download straight away. Beware, before installing any one of these games. Remember, THERE IS NO GOING BACK as they will suck a lot of your time unless you have very HIGH self control. These games are extremely fun to play and have easy controls.

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#1 – UNO & Friends

You probably must’ve heard the word ” UNO ” before or better yet must’ve played it during your childhood. If not, you probably didn’t have a childhood unless you were born in this generation then it’s not your fault as board games have gone extinct and the only place you’ll see people playing them is on the internet. Uno & Friends is a extremely fun & addicting online game.

Uno & Friends addicting Online Android game

If you’ve never played UNO in your life, you’d fall in love with it instantly after trying out this game. You can play against friends by inviting them from Facebook or against strangers.

#2 – Clash of Clans

After Uno & Friends, Clash of Clans is one of the most addicting game I’ve played. It’s similar to Farmville as it has a timer & the game is a bit more challenging for Free to Play users but still it’s very fun. I started playing this game in February after seeing Liam Neeson in Clash of Clans Superbowl Advert which was just badass and haven’t stopped playing since then. The controls are very easy & as the name says Clash of ” Clans ” you can join a clan or start your own clan & invite your friends to play with you.

Clash of clans addicting online android game Liam Neeson's advertisment

The game is also updated on a monthly basis so you’d never get bored as there is always new stuff being released every month. If you’re a fan of MMORPG games or online games, I recommend you try this game out.

#3 – Subway Surfers

Subway surfers has become a hit ever since it’s release with over millions downloads in the Google playstore. It’s a quick & fun game with many interesting unlockables. Even though this game is old now, you’d still see everyone playing it now as it doesn’t require much time and is best for passing time. Best of all, it doesn’t require a WiFi connection so you can play it anywhere you like.

Subway Surfers addicting and fun Android game to play

If you need a game to pass time & don’t have WiFi available most of the time, I recommend you download this game.

#4 – Temple Run 2

Similar to Subway Surfers with different unlockables & gameplay. It’s a sequel to Temple Run 1, so if you enjoyed Temple run 1 you’d love Temple Run 2 as well or if you haven’t played both, don’t bother downloading Temple Run 1 as it’s the same as Temple Run 2 but with less features.

Temple run 2 great android game to pass time

Temple run 2 is a endless running game where you have to keep running from the monster & avoid obstacles on the way to avoid tripping. I wonder how this guy does it, if that was me instead of him I’d be tired in 2 seconds. This game doesn’t require an WiFi connection either so you can play it anywhere.

#5 – Piano Tiles

A very fun & addicting game which requires a lot of concentration so if you even blink you risk yourself losing. In this game you have to press the tiles as they scroll down, as the game progresses they start to scroll faster and failing to touch a tile before it reaches the bottom will result in you failing. Game doesn’t require a WiFi connection & doesn’t require much size.

Piano piles great offline addicting android game

If you’re looking to try a new game, I recommend you Piano Tiles. It also features many modes such as Arcade, Classic Etc so you won’t get tired of the game easily.

#6 – Hardest Game Ever 2

As the name suggests, the game is tough although it’s controls are easy. This game will test your finger’s reflex. The game is a bit easy from the start but as you progress from Easy mode to Insane, the game will get extremely hard and you won’t be able to complete them unless you’re the kind of the guy that never gives up.

Hardest game ever 2 android game toughest game ever

Do give this game a try if you like challenging games. Also it does not require a WiFi connection so you can play it anywhere.

#7 – Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a side scrolling arcade game with almost 3 million downloads on the Google playstore, it’s simple to play & extremely addicting at the same time with lots of awesome upgrades & unlockables. This game was originally released on iOS in 2011 and has become a huge success after that. It also has a funny backstory which you’d find out after you play the game. The graphics are beyond amazing for an Android Game.

Jetpack joyride for Android iOS addicting offline game

The game is full of action and most of your time would be wasted in collecting coins to purchase expensive unlockables such as the Rainbow Jetpack which is the most expensive in the game. Doesn’t require a WiFi Connection.

#8 – Plants vs Zombies 2

A sequel to Plants vs Zombies 1 which went a hit. I remember spending countless hours playing Plants vs Zombies on my PC when I was little, as soon as I saw Plants Vs Zombies 2 come out on Android I was excited but was disappointed when I found out you have to pay for it but they’ve made it free now so you won’t have to face the same disappointment I did.

Plants vs zombies 2 android popcap game plants vs zombies 1

This game is very fun especially for those who love strategy games and also features many levels & unlockables so you’d never get bored. When you’ve finished Plants vs Zombies 2, I recommend you also try out Plants vs Zombies 1 or as I call it ” Garden Warfare 1 ” as it is also a great game.

#9 – Beach Buggy Blitz

Stunning environment, graphics & sounds. If you’re a fan of racing Android games, you’d love this game. The driving simulation is excellent & the game controls are very simple, although it takes time to earn the coins but that’s mainly so you keep playing hence why I would label this as an ” Addicting game “.

Buggy blitz addicting android racing game google playstore

Also requires less data to download & great game to kill short period of time as races don’t last longer than 2-3 minutes. Doesn’t require an WiFi connection.

#10 – Redhead Redemption

Not to be confused with Reddead Redemption by Rockstar games. RedHEAD redemption is a extremely fun shoot and run game created by the famous 9gag. As soon as I’ve started installed it, I couldn’t stop playing for hours. The storyline is nothing special, there are bunch of zombies that just wanna eat you and as you progress, more powerful zombies come after you.

Redhead redemption addicting shooting scrolling game by 9gag

A very simple & fun game to kill time. Doesn’t require a internet connection.

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  1. Great collection of Android games. I suggest you include Heroes of Order and Chaos and some other MOBA games since i love playing such games like that ^_^ Anyways, Thanks for sharing.


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