Top 10 Android apps for business

Gone are the days when you had to use the traditional ways to let your business success make noise! Its 21st century which means that everything is going to super advance. These advancement are rocking the business platforms to make a drastic change in the international market. Just take a flash back and see the struggle which  business owners were facing years ago because of the lack of resources. Fast forward to present, you can see and say that now technology has evolved every single thing to make your life easy breezy! This satisfaction is worth more than anything, believe me! It is more than a relief for the marketers to possess and utilize such inventions which are letting them sleep in peace by taking over the responsibility of managing their whole business growth.

The invention evolution is now bombarding the business market with its miracles!  The great business tycoons are smart that’s why I am calling them “THE GREAT BUSINESS TYCOONS” why?  Because they are smart enough to comprehend that what is best for their business growth and what is good! And let me tell you that there is a major difference between best and good. Good is chosen by all but the best is choose by some specific persons. So,

Make wise decisions for your business fate!

I wish to help you in making a wise decision for your business marketing. Everyone wants to uplift their platforms with total ease and satisfaction. Technology has now presented us with so many useful resources which are genuinely altering the means of business marketing. Maybe some of you don’t like these changes but remember that CHANGE IS ALWAYS FOR BETTER! So it is essential to embrace these changes for the betterment and for your own good. One of the most effective invention for business marketing is MOBILE APPLICATION.  

Android Mobile applications are helping number of business owners and marketers in expanding their businesses, especially Android apps for social networking. In this technology driven world, everything is comprised under a single screen starting from food to an infinite list of activities! The visual world is now covering every single aspect of our life to make it better and easier than before. There are different mobile apps which play a great role in the business marketing and other business aspects. Isn’t it great to know? That a single app can help you to cover different aspects of your business? Adding these apps in your business marketing strategy can do wonders in a short span of time.

I am sure you wanted to dig more about these business apps. Mentioned below are top 10 android apps which are helping businesses in elevating their platforms:




We all have heard about Skype! If anyone one of your family member, relative or any friend has ever shifted or visited abroad, it is an obvious thing that you have used Skype as a mean of communication. Skype is basically a Microsoft application which is offering you the ease of video connectivity, chatting, sharing files, pictures, and audio calls. Skype is used as a domestic as well as a business application. It allows you to get in touch with your business partners, and the targeted audience. You can arrange virtual business meetings, and can also work on your projects even if you are not present in the office. Skype is helping to end the distances between you and your business success. Android apps for business

If you are loyal enough with the success of your business you can easily understand the worth of this application in your business marketing. It will help you decrease the distance between you and success.



So here comes the king of social media apps! FACEBOOK. Facebook is the ruling app which gained the public recognition instantly when it was introduced  and till now it is ruling the social media app industry. Facebook is the app which is connecting people and updating them with the world’s latest inventions and achievements. It is the largest platform which is helping people to connect with each other. Not only this but also it is helping businesses in business marketing. Facebook offers the option to create your business page where you can easily reach to your targeted potential audience. Facebook itself is a marketing platform. How? People can share and forward the posts of your business platform which they find appealing with their family and friends. This is the reason why social media management companies prioritize Facebook as their number one source of support. So, you can thank MARK ZUCKERBERG for introducing this amazing app.

Android apps for business



Are you still using the traditional way to jot down all the important notes? If this is so, let me give you a wakeup call! Grow up people. There is a lot more you have to dig if you are not aware of Evernote. Yes, you have to learn so many things if you don’t know about Evernote. Evernote is an app which can help you manage your all notes in a virtual notebook, from where you can recall them, discuss them and can get access of any kind of important information within seconds. And you know the best part? You don’t have to carry a bundle of notes with you every time.

Android apps for business



Want to manage your team properly? Slack is here to help you. Slack is an app which can help you organize your team by creating a unique message loop for each of your department in order to connect every employee with each other. Moreover, you can share files and videos, and the best part is that you can easily search of the specific message from which you want to extract the previously delivered info.

Android apps for business



Do you want to accelerate your business payments? Square Register is here to rescue you. You can easily make payments and receive payments with the feasibility of online transactions. Not just transactions you can utilize it for receiving gift card payments, send receipt, and can also collect the customer feedback as well. And a bonus point! After downloading this app, you can easily get updates about your business activities on daily basis.

Android apps for business



With the help of the drop box you don’t have to worry about storing business data in files. Those days are gone when you had to seize all the information of your business in a shelf of files. Drop box provides you the space of unlimited files which can be easily taken out or you can say searched out anytime anywhere.

Android apps for business



If you want to manage your business expense you can use this  app. Expense Manager can help you track your expenses, manage your bills and much more. It comes handy in the conversion of the currencies and as a tip and interest calculator.

Android apps for business



Any do helps small businesses to keep check on their weekly and daily to-do list and let them easily track their daily tasks. You can easily sync it to all of your devices. Not only for businesses but also it can be used for domestic requirements.

Android apps for business



Lookout is the app which offers security for your sensitive and important business data. Lookout offers you the facility of detecting antivirus on your mobile phones, if your file is lost it can help you backing it up.

Android apps for business



As  a business professional, you must add LinkedIn in your priority list. It is the best platform to accessing potential employees, creating easy connections with your domain businesses, meeting new clients and establishing a prominent brand image online.

Android apps for business


Download these apps to grow your business

These are the top 10 apps which are helping businesses  to grow with small effort but on a large scale. If you find these apps helping, you can add them up in your business strategies.

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