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Top 10 Apps every Highschool/College Student should have

If you’re in primary right now and are thinking life will get better when you join High school or college, you’re wrong. But don’t worry you’re not the only one because that’s what I thought too when I was young but then I realized the more I grew up, the more the number of assignments and tests increased. But high chances are that you’re probably a high school or college student, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this article. There’s a famous quote ” Work smart, not hard. ” If you abide by this quote, life will become more easier for you after all those who achieve top grades are NOT those who sacrifice their sleep to study whole night few days before before their exam while they’ve been partying the whole semester, BUT those who study on time. Doesn’t matter whether you study half hour per day but it’s better than studying whole few days before your exam. ” Little drops of rain make the ocean. “

Top 10 apps every student should have

Here in this article, I will be discussing Top 10 Apps every high school/college student should have to ease their studying by helping make them more organized.

#1 – Merriam Webster (Dictionary)

You will come across many words that you’ve never heard of before probably in your lecture or notes. This is where Merriam Webster comes in. I’ve tried many free dictionaries out there but none could match this dictionary. Another good dictionary is the Oxford Dictionary but that’s not free so if you don’t want to spend any money then I recommend you to download this as it’s reliable, fast and also offers pronunciations along with synonyms, antonyms & example sentences. You don’t have to type the word either, you can just say a word and it will display it.

Merriam webster dictionary free dictionary every student should have

If you’re not happy with your current dictionary or haven’t installed one yet, I recommend you try this out soon.

#2 – RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you lost your calculator or forgot it at home, RealCalc Scientific Calculator App for your phone would be the best alternative as it offers everything an hand held calculator would and it also offers more than your calculator can offer such as the degree/minute/second conversions, trigometric functions in degrees, radians or grad Etc. Been using this app since 2013 and haven’t had a single problem with it which shows how reliable the app is & also the app’s size is less than 1mb.

Scientific calculator every student should have

I would definitely recommend you to download this App whether you have an calculator or not as it’s very useful, especially if you’re an engineering student.

#3 – Chemistry Dictionary by Julia Dictionary Inc

Chemistry used to be hard for me until I discovered this app on the Google Playstore, it’s free and works offline, no internet connection needed and also offers more than 6000+ words with simple definitions that would help you understand easily. It’s simple to use, fast & has a simple interface and also takes up less space. Also there’s an bookmark feature to bookmark definitions to look up afterwards.

Chemistry dictionary Android app Google Playstore Every student should have

This app is very useful for students taking Chemistry as it serves as a great pocket dictionary, recommend you to try it out if you’re lacking on your Chemistry definitions.

#4 – Physics Dictionary by Julia Dictionary Inc

During your physics lecture, you feel as if your Physics proffesor is talking a new language. With this app, your professors words will finally come to make sense. Made by the same Author as Chemistry Dictionary, also very reliable and has same features as the Chemistry dictionary. Serves as a great pocket dictionary as it works offline, no internet connection needed & takes up less space.

Android App available on Google Playstore Physics Dictionary every student should have

Although it does not include few words but this is the best free Physics dictionary you would find out there in my opinion, as I’ve tried others and they did not satisfy me.

#5 – SelfControl – Internet Blocking

The number one reason for bad grades are social networks. Let me tell you a story about a guy named Tommy. He has a test tomorrow but he hasn’t studied whole day because he was busy hanging out with his friends whole day, he only got 8 hours left but as he picks up his books to study, he hears his phone ring and realizes his crush has just texted him on Facebook. Being the hopeless romantic he is, he decides to throw away his books & chat with her whole night and then fail the test next day like a boss. If you have a low self control like Tommy then don’t worry, with the SelfControl app you can prevent yourself from becoming like Tommy by blocking websites temporarily until you’ve finished studying.

Self control app to prevent you from wasting time on social network Android Google playstore

Although this app is only available for Mac OS and I would include a app which is good enough for internet blocking for Android but so far I have not come across such good app reliable enough to be noted over here. If you use browser google chrome or mozilla, there are many extensions available out there to block websites. But in the end it will be upto you, as this is not enough as you can just unblock the apps & end up like Tommy.

#6 – Studious

If you’re like me who always forgets about homeworks and tests or forget to put phone on silent during class. Studious is the app for you. Studious has saved me many times from embarrassment and detention by reminding me about homework and automatically switching my phone to silent during class without me having to manually set it on silent every day.  Apart from that you can also save notes which is a great feature too if you want to note something down in a hurry. It has many other features too such as allowing you to include your class building and class room’s number so you don’t get confused if you’re attending more than one institute.

Studious google playstore Android app to remind you about class timings and homework

Definetly recommend you to install this app as it is extremely useful and can help save you from a lot of trouble.

#7 – Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) also known as the world’s most annoying app, is an alarm clock which doesn’t stop unless you take a picture of the place you assigned it too. Like for example, if you assign the bathroom to the app, the alarm will not stop until you go to the bathroom and take a picture of it. Seems promising and useful. Ever since I’ve installed this app, I’ve never been late for class even ONCE. The results are terrific and Alarmy is 100 times better than a real Alarm Clock which you can just easily shut off and go back to sleep, where as in Alarmy you’d have to go through the hassle of waking your lazy bum up and having go take a picture in order to shut your phone up.

Alarmy sleep if u can android app available on google playstore useful for waking students up on time for class

This app is also very useful if you have an important meeting or want to wake up on time everyday.

#8 – DropBox

You’ve probably heard about DropBox before, it’s an app that allows you to save anything you want and synchronize it with your phone or PC. This app will prevent you from losing your notes ever again. A great app for saving notes and viewing them on the go as you can view your saved files anywhere at anytime. The app is also useful for backing up your photos or other files.

Dropbox useful application for students for backing up notes available on Android google playstore

Over 1 million people are using DropBox and is reliable & safe too.

#9 – Mailbox

Released by the same owners of DropBox. The best way to view your emails on your phone as it has a friendly mobile interface, making it less complicated to browse your emails on phone. Currently it only supports Gmail and iCloud accounts, but it is a extremely great app and worth it.

Mailbox app for viewing emails easily from your computer

I recommend you try out this app if you’re still a old school person who likes to Email.

#10 – Skype

Although this app can be very distracting but it also has its own advantages. Everyone has heard of skype and must have used it at some point of their lives. Not only is it a great app for socializing, but also for learning as you can use it to for group studying with your friends via video or voice chat and there are many teachers out there on the internet that offer teaching lessons via Skype, so yes it is a extremely useful educational app which everyone must have.

Skype voice chatting app useful for students in foreign for talking home

Also if you’re living far away from home, this is a great app for keeping up with your family and also useful for those in long distance relationships who’s significant others are studying abroad.

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