Top 10 best ways to get a lot of likes on Facebook Page

Whether you own a page for entertainment or marketing, handling the page is no fun when you’ve no one to interact with! Due to Facebook being the king of Social Networking which boasts about having 1 billion active users per day, no way a marketer would miss the opportunity to use Facebook for his advantage. Having a personal facebook page has more advantages than you think as it allows you to connect with your fans & keep them up to the date about what’s going on. If you’re like me, you probably rely on Facebook for all your news and information. For example: If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t know what the Kardashians had for breakfast today or when the next time world will end. Creating a Facebook page is easy, but whats difficult is attracting likers so here in this article I will be discussing top 10 best ways to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page.

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#1 – Attractive display and cover picture

attractive facebook display picture and cover best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

The first thing you should after you’ve done creating your facebook page is to set an attractive display and cover photo before doing anything further. Even if you do start advertising your page, no one would want to like your page or visit the page again if they find it dull or boring at first sight, as they say ” The first impression is the last impression “. Also keep your page’s description updated so the likers have a idea what your facebook page is about.

#2 – Invite EVERYONE

invite everyone best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

The most obvious thing to do after you’ve done creating your Facebook page is to invite all your friends via Facebook and also by email. This should give you a boost about 100 facebook likes depending on how many Facebook friends and email contacts you have.

#3 – Spread the word

spread the word best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Now that you’ve your very own Facebook page, it’s time you let the whole world know about it. Begin by advertising your facebook page on other social networks or communities/forums you visit. Personally I think forums are great for advertising facebook pages but make sure your forum allows that or else you might get banned for spamming. Also make sure to update a status on your Facebook letting everyone know you’ve made a page and want them to like them. Don’t be shy to post on your Facebook groups either demanding for likes.

#4 – Post unique and good content

post unique and good content best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Your concern should not only be getting a lot of facebook likes, but also how to keep those likes from going away (people unliking your page). There are billions of Facebook pages on Facebook, what makes your page so special? If you want your page to become famous, you should concentrate on posting unique content instead of just copy pasting stuff. One of the worst mistakes new facebook page owners make is that they tend to spam their fans with useless stuff, resulting in unlikes. Try to get into your likers mind and figure out what they like and what they don’t. If your facebook page likers do like the content, they’d tend to like and share increasing your facebook page’s exposure, resulting in more likes!

#5 – Link your page everywhere

link your page everywhere best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Say if you’ve a famous account on social networks other than Facebook such as Twitter, AskFM, Google plus etc. You could use those other social network exposure to help increase your Facebook’s page popularity by simply linking your Facebook page on there. Should be no surprise to you when you see a increase in your Facebook likes as EVERYONE is on Facebook. Yes, even the stray dog outside probably has his personal facebook account – YOU NEVER KNOW!

#6 – Facebook Ads

facebook ads best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

What’s a better place to advertise your Facebook page than on Facebook itself! Although you need money for this but if you plan on getting facebook likes fast, you should consider investing some money on Facebook ads as they will increase your Facebook page’s exposure more than you’d expect. If you don’t want to invest any money, then you can try the old school method of advertising by nagging famous Facebook page owners to give you a shoutout or doing S4S (share 4 share) which means you share their page and they share yours so you both benefit.

#7 – Giveaways or Contests

giveaways or contests best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Who doesn’t love free stuff or contests? Doing give aways and contests help you connect with your fans and turn them into loyal fans. Give aways are one of the best methods to increase likes as EVERYONE loves free stuff, but make sure not to do fake give aways as you’d lose the likers trust and end up losing likes than gaining instead.

#8 – Set a short Facebook URL

set a short facebook url best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

After you’ve created your Facebook page, you get the option to set a URL for your Facebook page. E.g: Don’t try be too cool by setting a long or complicated URL as that’d make your facebook page fans get lost when they type the URL. Try to set a URL that is simplest and short as possible.

#9 – Recruit more admins

recruit more admins best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

” Teamwork divides the task and multiples the success “. That being said, if you want your Facebook page to thrive to become a successful page and stand out from the rest, you need to recruit more admins (preferably friends or people you can trust who’ve free time). So you won’t have to do everything alone or waste too much time, as you’ll also have to give time to your social life as well…unless facebook is your “only” social life.

#10 – Passion

passion best way to get a lot of likes on your Facebook page

Without passion, you won’t get anywhere. You only live once, so make sure to enjoy whatever you do. If you like llamas, make a page about llamas. If you like gaming, make a page about gaming and etc. If you’ve no interest in llamas but decide to make a page about llamas anyways, you’d end up failing and all your time you put would be gone to waste so make sure to think about it before creating a page as you will need to invest a lot of time in order for it to be successful.

Hope you liked my top 10 list, make sure to leave back any suggestions or criticisms in the comment section below.


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