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Pakistan is a fast and rapidly growing Tech market in the world. Besides that simultaneously she is producing a quality of its own outputs. Either in the form on brand new products or in the form of next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Pakistan is moving forward in the field of the Technical market at a very fast pace. And that day is not far away when Pakistan will also have a proud head in front of her competitors. Although Pakistan is way ahead than other countries, still she lacks the basic mobility of utilizing its people. Shortlisting the top 10 tech influencers of Pakistan was not an easy task for us, but we did it.

There are gems in each nation. In the tech industry, these gems make a high name, but no one knows what they might have sacrificed to be at the position which they are at now. We have compiled a list of such top 10 tech influencers of Pakistan, whose story will surely inspire you to not to give up your dreams and fight for what is right.

Top 10 Tech Influencers of Pakistan


1. Faisal Sherjan

Faisal Sherjan

Having a vast, unparalleled and rich experience in the field of Tech Industry, Mr Faisal Sherjan is currently serving as the director of National Incubation Center (NIC), Lahore. Mr Faisal Jalil Sherjan posses a Bachelor’s Degree in History, English Literature and Economics. Along with that, Mr Sherjan does also own a vast experience of 30 years with Television Marketing and Advertising Industry a media professional with 30 years of experience in Television and Advertising. He has also worked as a COO internal division at GEO network and as a director at Interflow communications. Along with possessing an immense knowledge in the fields of digital media, media, and local startup industry, Mr Sherjan is a man of self-esteem and a very outspoken person. He doesn’t seem to change his opinions just to please someone. And this is the reason he tops our list of top 10 tech influencers of Pakistan.

Follow Faisal Sherjan on twitter at @fsherjan


2. Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad

Founder of Digital Rights Foundation, a non-profit organization, Nighat Dad is a lawyer by profession. She is an internationally acclaimed for helping the women throughout the country stay secure on digital platforms. To recognize her efforts in making it easy for Pakistani women to seek help for Online Harassment, Time magazine included her in the list of next-generation leaders. follow her at @nighatdad to get a daily dose of fruitful inspiration and do something big for the tech industry of Pakistan. And if you are a female and want to do marvel in the tech field of Pakistan, do contact her. This is the main reason she is at 2nd place of our list of top 10 tech influencers of Pakistan.


3. Nabeel Qadeer

Nabeel Qadeer

The third name on our list of top 10 tech influencers of Pakistan is Mr Nabeel Qadeer. Being a multi-talented guy, Nabeel is a major part of some successful initiatives that include: Innovation district 92, an incubator for startups and Idea Karoron ka, an entertaining TV show that brings aspiring entrepreneurs to investors. Nabeel is for those who obsessively wish to build a successful startup. He is one of the founding fathers of PITB’s entrepruenal wing. You can follow him @nabeelaq


4. Maria Umar

Maria Umar

Maria is a dedicatedly working for women empowerment in the startup and local tech ecosystem. Along with being a founder of Women Digital League, conducts #shemeansbusiness workshops that are aimed to give women a better understanding of social media platforms and how to use them for promoting business. She is not afraid to speak her mind and call out on bullshit. And this is the main reason she ended up on our list of Top 10 Tech influencers of Pakistan. You can follow her @MariaUmar


5. Shehryar Hydri

Shehryar Hydri

Being the secretary general at P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association), Shehryar not new to the technology ecosystem. Having about a rich experience of two decades in the field of technology and media companies, He has served as an advisor to Ingrain, an exceptional computer vision startup, which is now acquired by KeepTruckin. Shehryar keeps a keen eye over latest advancements in the tech industry and to stay update with the best latest updates of industry, just follow him at @sheryhydri

6. Benje Williams

Benje Williams

Benje Williams, a name that requires no introduction, serves Amal Academy as her CEO. He runs a podcast that he recently started, ‘Building Pakistan with Benje’ where he interviews Pakistan’s top entrepreneurs and share their stories. He is a worth following person if you need some workable career advice, serious startup wisdom.  Follow him @benjewilliams


7. Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha Khanna, a woman of many attributes, possessing more than a decade of experience in technology and information analytics system in Wall Street advisory, CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence advisory firm. Despite being just a year old, the company has opened offices in Singapore, Dubai, Phillippines, and Pakistan. Ayesha also servees as an advisor to governments in different countries on how they can improve their existing infrastructure with the help of AI. Along with that, Ayesha Khanna is also the founder of a charity that aims to teach girls coding, namely,  21 C girls. So guys if you are interested in learning AI in a better perspective and understanding the current advancements in this field, we recommend you to follow Ayesha Khanna at follow him @ayeshakhanna1


8. Muneeb Ali

Muneeb Ali

On 8th number, Mr Muneeb, a prominent most figure in the blockchain community, locally and internationally. Working on a decentralized browser, which will let people hold the reigns of their information and be not worried about, he shares some of the best news about the Blockchain community. His browser platform is called blockstack. You can follow him at @muneeb


9. Yusuf Hussain

Yusuf Hussain

Yusuf is an entrepreneur, an angel investor and also the CEO of one of the biggest names in Pakistan Tech Industry, Ignite. His tweets not only revolve around the updates in the local technologies and genres but also articles concerning Machine Learning are a charm of his tweets. He plays a significant role in helping equip the youth with the best-emerging technologies. He has remained at the core of several important entrepreneurial initiatives in Pakistan, including training 1M youth for freelancing, National Incubation Centers and many more. So if you want to stay in the loop, do follow him. His Twitter handle is @angelspakistan


10. Saad Hamid

Now comes a guy, who literally needs no introduction. Who is affiliated with WordPress, or Google Development Community, would surely have encountered him at some place. This guy is one of the only Three (03) Google Developers Expert of the country along with being a Technopreneur. He is Saad Hamid. Mr Saad has worked and served several communities and helped grow Pakistan’s tech industry exponentially. Saad has remained a Senior Technical consultant at PITB, Board Member at Sehat Kehani. Also, he is a board member at Accountability Lab and the University of Central Punjab. And his ultra-long profile includes being the brand ambassador to Payoneer and advisor to Ignite. Currently, Saad Hamid serves as the CEO of DEMO | Idea Consultancy. If you guys want to stay in the loop for Pakistan’s WordPress Community, do follow him at @SaadGH



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