Top 10 SEO Tips to increase app downloads on google playstore

The toil of app developers does not come to an end after simply putting their creation on Google Play Store. Despite developing the most thrilling app of all times, all your efforts will go in vain if you don’t properly market your app by yourself or by hiring a digital marketing company to ensure it receives enough downloads.

SEO is the best solution to generating maximum number of organic app downloads and here’s how you can implement it.



Before we head towards the tips for SEO, it is important to know a difference between SEO and ASO. Although ASO (App Store Optimization) for android apps is widely termed as SEO, both are not entirely the same given their pathways.

When it comes to similarities, both of these optimization variants share mutual goals: generation of maximum organic traffic and upgrading ranking on Google listings. Furthermore, both of these techniques employ some mutual steps which are equally benefitting in any of the two cases.

Following are the SEO steps which will work wonders to increase the number of your app downloads.

1. Dig out relevant keywords

Keywords are the basic ingredient of all optimization techniques. After careful market research, dig out all the keywords which are relevant to the contents of your app. Follow the R.D.T (Relevance, Difficulty, and Traffic) rule and gather all the relevant keywords in a semantic dictionary. This step is so important that you should complete it before creating or publishing the app. Once you have assembled all the relevant keywords, it becomes easier to apply them in the forthcoming SEO/ASO steps.  Keywords will not only help you engage with your target audience but also keep you updated with all the competitive market trends. Remember that your keywords act as a bridge between you and your audience.

2. Use keywords in app URL

Believe it or not, app URL plays a prime role in improving your app listings.  A string “zara”, instead of super-mario-run, was added to the app URL of Super Mario Run by Nintendo developers. Initially, all the software savvies were unable to fathom the reason behind it. Later on, this string proved to be much successful for increasing app downloads. Super Mario Run was recently seen among the top 10 to 20 game listingsof Google Play Store. This incident validates the importance of employing keywords in app URL. If you want more and more people to reach your app, you must use relevant keywords in your app URL.

3. Craft a catchy title

Titles work for apps just like covers work for books. Your title determines whether the user will be clicking on it or not. Ideally, a title must have the brand name followed by keywords or vice-versa. You can either use a colon (:) or a dash (-) to splice the title.

For instance, the title “Amazon App: shop, scan, compare, and read reviews” will link the app to users who are searching for anonline shopping app.

4. Keep close tabs on your Analytics

Tracking your analytics will lead you in determining the important KPIs of your app. These KPIs, when coupled with SDKs, will help in boosting your app SEO resulting in an increased organic traffic and ultimately, increased downloads.


5. Work out descriptions

App descriptions work hold a crucial position in determining the number of your app downloads. The first 4 to 5 lines of your description work as pillars for the rest of the text. In an audience reserve where only 5% of users bother to hit the “Read more” option, it is essential to strengthen your opening sentences as much as possible. SEO/ASO for apps requires you to use keywords in the opening sentences. Moreover, Play store uses words extracted from your description to function as App keywords. Avoid stuffing too many keywords in the description.

6. Take notes from A/B testing

A/B testing will help you sort the more efficient listing from the less efficient ones. By using this testing, you can determine which strategy and keywords are working best for you. Even if one strategy fails, it will give you many important clues about how to improve the other one. A/B testing is an important SEO strategy if you want your app to show a continuous progress.

7. Track, Review, Highlight

The gateway to a prosperous app-development career lies in the tracking of your competitors and monitoring your performance accordingly. Consumers and competitors often provide you with all the trending keywords of the market. In order to maximize your app SEO, you must track your competitors, highlight the positive reviews and immediately reply to the negative feedbacks.


8. Use a snappy icon

In SEO/ASO of apps, icons are another important element to take care of. A good icon can increase the chances of app download by 560%. In order to generate maximum organic downloads, you must use a simplistic yet captivating icon. It is better not to stuff the icon with too many objects as it will mask the actual appeal.


9. Advertise and generate back links

Promoting an app is essential in order to generate maximum organic traffic. You can ask the websites to promote your app by incorporating its URL and giving the appropriate Anchor text. In-App purchases can be offered by the developers who are promoting and supporting your app. Both these methods will help you in generating back links for your app resulting in increased exposure and downloads. One of the best ways to generate backlinks for your app is through ” Content Marketing “. You can achieve this by creating a website for your app and posting high quality content on it regularly. Content is not just limited to text, but you can also create video or other types of content.


10. Create a QR code

A QR code is one of the advanced ways to SEO your app. This QR code will help you in gaining the attention of as much organic traffic as possible because of its simple function. Use this QR code along with the app URL for promotion purposes on Social media platforms as well as on your personal profile.



SEO is more or less similar to ASO for increasing app downloads. Most of the app developers are focusing on sprinkling keywords in their context which is not as effective as expected to be. In this era of increasing competition among app developers, you can no longer rely on cliché SEO techniques in order to increase the number of downloads. However, in some cases SEO can prove to be very useful especially when it’s helping you generate large amount of organic users. One effective way of ranking is through backlink building by using appropriate anchor text ratio techniques, as described by Danang Digital. These tips are your way to innovation and improvement if used correctly.

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