Since Thanksgiving is here, with this generation’s new Technology which has helped us make our lives more easier and comfier, we’ve more things to be thankful for. This Article is a Thanksgiving special Post.

#1 – Smartphones


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving smartphones

I would say Smartphones are one of mankind’s greatest invention next to the Internet and copy/paste. Smartphones are light weight, making them easy to carry around everywhere and offers almost everything a PC/Laptop would. Smartphones are like a whole package. If you’ve a smartphone with good rear camera, you won’t require the need to buy a external camera, if you’ve a great processor you won’t require a PC/Laptop for browsing as everything can be done on Smart phones as well.

#2 – The Mighty Internet


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving the Internet

Internet is one of the greatest invention of all time, no doubt. Thanks to the Internet, you can do everything in the world without having to move a single step from your chair such as buy food, clothes, games etc or even do a job on the Internet. You can view the news, listen to music, watch movies and much more! Without even having to spend a single dime or use up your energy to go outside.

#3 – Google Maps


If you love to travel a lot, you would know how much important this app is. Without it, you’d be lost or pass annoying vibes by asking too many people for directions. What’s best of all is that it’s FREE and doesn’t require a Internet connection. It works on a GPS system, 99% accurate and displays every landmark you should visit, which is completely awesome. Great app for travelers especially.

#4 – Free Internet Video Calling


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving free internet video calling

Thanks to Skype, Viber, IMO, Omegle, FaceTime etc. You can communicate with your loved ones or friends even though they’re far away face to face without having to pay a single dime. These are extremely useful if you own a smartphone with a 3g connection enabled so you can video chat while on the go anywhere.

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#5 – Free Instant Messaging


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving free Instant messaging

Tired of having to spend money on credit for your phone just so you can text? Since it’s easy to find a WiFi connection anywhere, you can easily communicate via texts with the help of Instant Messaging Apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger etc. If you can’t find a WiFi connection, you should invest credit on 3G or 4G instead of wasting that credit on texts which is a more cheaper alternative.

#6 – USB (Universal Serial Bus)


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving USB

Back in the olden days, a USB weighed over 5KG and only stored data of about 500MB. Now we’ve USB’s which weigh barely a gram and can store over 1 terabyte (1024GB) of data. Amazing how time has changed. USB is a very useful tool which can help you backup your data or transfer it from one place to another physically without the need of a Internet connection.

#7 – Social Networks


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving social networks

Although Social Networks has damaged our generation, they also been helpful in bringing awareness and connecting the world, helping make it a smaller world. People tend to spend more than 6 hours everyday just using social Networks everyday. Famous social networks such as Facebook boast about 6 billion views per day. Thanks to these social networks, we know at what time the Kardashian’s had lunch today, which celebrity’s nudes got leaked and who will die next in Game of Thrones. 

#8 – Wireless Connectivity


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving wireless connectivity

Having too many wires at home gets messy, this is where wireless connectivity comes in. The best part about this generation is that we don’t require too many wires. You can easily connect to the Internet wirelessy or use bluetooth to transfer files easily. Also there are wireless keyboards, mouses available and much more!

#9 – Copy/Paste


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving copy paste

Admit it, copy/paste is one of the greatest feature invented in mankind. If it was not for copy paste you would never be able to complete your assignments on time or spend too much time re-writing. With copy paste you can copy over 15000 words and paste them anywhere for personal use in seconds, where as manually writing them would take you several hours and require a lot of energy.

#10 – Cloud Storage


top 10 technology to be thankful for this thanksgiving cloud storage

If you’re clumsy like me, you probably suck at being able to take care of important files like documents, pictures etc. This is where Cloud storage comes in, there are many softwares out there which offer free cloud storage such as Google Drive, SpiderOak, One drive etc where you can backup your files and never have to worry about losing them ever again. 

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  1. I would say phone has more disadvantages than advantages as people have turned into zombies, using phones to communicate instead of real life


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