Top 10 Tips to Increase your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

Average Android smartphone’s battery life is 6-8 hours, your phone’s battery life can last over 24 hours or maybe 2 hours, depending on how much you use your Smartphone. It’s frustrating how it’s nearly impossible to use Android smartphone for more than 2 hours without the ” Low Battery ” notification popping up.  There’s more to bad battery life than having a crappy phone, even great phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life need frequent charging. Here in this article I will be discussing Top 10 tips to help increase your Android Smartphone’s battery life to a extent that you won’t have the need to recharge it often.

#1 – Turn off Vibration and Sound

Turn off vibration and sound to reduce Android battery consumption

Make it a habit by turning sound and vibration off when you’re using your phone (socializing, texting, playing a game etc) since you do not require the need for sound/vibration to notify you about calls or text as you’re already staring at your phone. You should see a big difference in your phone’s battery life after turning them off as vibration and sound consume a large amount of phone battery. When you’re done using your phone, you can simply turn Vibration and Sound on to stay alerted about incoming texts or calls.

#2 – Set Brightness from High to Low

Decrease android smartphone's brightness to decrease android battery consumption

Setting brightness from high to low on your Android smartphone is not just only good for your smartphone’s battery life, but also for your eyes especially if you’re the kind of person who’s life is based on using smartphone whole day. Also make sure to turn Automatic brightness off.

#3 – Shorter screen timeout

Set phone's timer to low

If your screen timeout is set to over a minute it will consume more phone battery to keep your phone running for that period of time where as if you were set to your android smartphone’s screen timeout to 15 seconds or less, it would consume less battery. If you’re like me, then you probably open your phone over 200 times a day for no reason apparently, so try to develop a habit to not do this as it can help save you a small amount of battery.

#4 – Turn WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS Off

Set wifi bluetooth and gps off when not using to save battery

Whenever you’re not using your smartphone, make sure to turn your WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth off. Only turn them on when you need to use them.

#5 – Battery saving mode or External Apps

Enable power saving mode to increase battery life

There should be a mode to enable Battery saving on your phone, make sure to make good use of that. You can also download external app from google playstore to help save your Android’s battery.

I recommend Battery Doctor. Not only is it just designed to help make your phone faster but also has an built-in task manager to help you get rid of unwanted apps running on your phone & also calculates the total time your phone will last based on your consumption patterns which is a pretty sweet feature if you’d ask me!

#6 – Close Unnecessary Apps

Close unnecessary apps to decrease battery consumption

Make sure to close unnecessary Apps running on your phone when you’re not using them!

#7 – Change Batteries Occasionally

Change android phone batteries frequently to speed phone up

Make sure to change your Android smartphone’s battery occasionally and do not attempt to save money by buying cheap batteries as they can damage your phone. Make sure to buy an original battery for your phone. Replacing old battery with new can also help speed up your phone & also show great improvement in battery life which is obvious as new is better.

Tip: Do not overcharge or fully charge your phone, unplug it as soon as it reaches around 95% or else it can increase chances of your phone’s battery deteriorating quickly.

#8 – Charge your phone when you’re not using it

Charge your android smartphone when not using it

Make sure to charge your phone whenever you’re not using it. E.g: When you’re sleeping, put your phone on charge. When you’re using your PC, put phone on charge etc. With this trick, you won’t see your phone’s battery low ever again.

#9 – Use static wallpaper

Keep a static wallpaper for android smartphone

This one is obvious, using a animated wallpaper will consume more phone battery as compared to using a static wallpaper.

#10 – Update apps frequently

Update apps to decrease battery consumption for android smartphone

Developers focus on updating their apps to use less battery so make sure to update your apps as it can help save you battery consumption.

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