Top 10 ways to increase followers on Twitter

Although Facebook is still the boss of social media, Twitter seems to be catching up. Nowadays everyone you know who are on Facebook are on Twitter too. Twitter is known as a great place for stalking people’s lives without having to move your feet as we live in a generation where everyone loves to express every single thoughts they have on social networks, espically Twitter as it’s the only social website where it’s socially acceptable to post frequently where as in Facebook if one was to post several times, people would become annoyed. It’s easy to sign up for Twitter and start Tweeting, but what’s the point of tweeting if you barely have any followers? Tweeting your thoughts & having no one read them is quite embarrassing when you realize it’s equivalent to talking to yourself. So here in this article I will be discussing Top 10 ways to increase/get more Followers on Twitter.

Increase rate of followers on Twitter when no one is following back

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#1 – Make sure your profile is presentable

The first thing you should do after signing up is adding a profile picture & writing a nice bio as these two things are the first thing a person will see and then base his first impression on you and decide whether or not to follow you. Remember, first impression is the last impression. Adding a profile picture, cover (optional but recommended) & a nice bio puts a good impression on the visitor and increases chance of them following you by 80 percent.

Tip: When choosing a bio, write down what describes you best. If you’re still confused on what to write down, use this Bio Generator to get an idea.

#2 – Follow everyone you know & ask them to give you an shoutout

When you’re new to twitter, don’t bother following randomers as there is less chance of them following you back as their first thing in their mind would be ” What will I get in return of following him/her? To get more money, you need money. To get more women, you need women. Same as for followers, you NEED followers to gain more FOLLOWERS. So start of by following people you’re sure that would follow you back such as classmates, relatives, teachers etc And also don’t be afraid to ask them for a shoutout, you’ll be surprised how many people would follow you just because of a shoutout. Shoutouts always worked for me in my initial stage.

#3 – Tweet when most people are online

If you’ve already have 1000 followers but noticed they don’t retweet or fav any of your tweets, the reason is because you’re tweeting on the wrong time. The best time to tweet is when majority your followers are online. If majority of your followers are locals then it’s easy to map out when to tweet but if majority of your followers are from another country then you will need to tweet according to their timezone.

#4 – Participate in Trends

The most popular feature of Twitter is Trends which you can view on the left side of Twitter’s homepage. Click on a Trend of your choice & start tweeting under that trend in order to attract attention from other people and gain followers.

Tip: If you don’t like the current trends, you can change them by clicking on ” Change ” option besides Trends.

#5 – Use Hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags in your tweets then you’re using Twitter wrong. Using a hashtag helps more people see your tweets instead of just your followers, which will help you gain followers and if a lot of other people start tweeting using the same Hashtag, it can turn into a Trend which is pretty awesome.

Tip: Make sure to use hashtags related to what you’re tweeting so people don’t ignore it or flag it as spam.

#6 – Post Pictures

If you thought Twitter was all just about tweeting texts then you’re wrong! In fact using pictures with hashtags helps make your tweet stand out from the rest & gain more audience, meaning more followers. If all you do is Tweet plain text then your followers would get bored so it’s advised to post pictures once in a while to help make your Twitter profile more alive.

#7 – Link your Twitter Profile

Make sure to place a link to your Twitter profile on your website or other social networking accounts so people from there can follow you too, preferably Facebook & Instagram as most Twitters users are on them as compared to other social networking sites.

#8 – Tweet Frequently

Don’t forget to tweet frequently if you want to keep your Followers stable. Most people use services to track Inactive followings on Twitter and they don’t even hesitate to unfollow those who forgot to tweet once a day, but I wouldn’t recommend you to sacrifice your life in order to use Twitter everyday I recommend you to tweet at least once per day or in 2 days to avoid those pesky services. Everyone hates following Inactive people and so do you probably, so make sure not to become one of them.

#9 – Retweet & Favourite others

” To gain, you gotta give first ” This is the main rule of social networking, if someone interacts with you by following or sharing your posts they expect the same in return otherwise you’ll scare them away. You can use this technique on others by retweeting & favouriting tweets on your timeline so they can do the same.

#10 – Use services

Use free services such as Crowdfire or Unfollowers to track who unfollowed or followed you on Twitter easily so you can return the favour by unfollowing them or following back, they’re very useful tools & prevent a lot of hassle from having to go through your whole profile and figure out who unfollowed you and who didn’t etc. Read How to see who Unfollowed you on Twitter for more information.

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  • 8th June 2016 at 2:20 pm

    these are some useful tips, I'd also suggest using a twitter marketing tool like Crowdfire – – Follow accounts who are similar to you niche with copy followers and keyword follow. Engage with new followers using auto direct message, unfollow inactive and non-followers, increase engagement with smartfeed etc.

  • 8th June 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Already mentioned crowdfire at the end of the article. I agree with you, hence why it's my personal favourite 🙂


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