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We all have some people in our circle who don’t gain weight no matter how much or what they eat. Well weight gaining can be as much difficult as losing weight. With proper diet and track of your calories you might be able to achieve your goal. Check out these top 5 weight gain apps that that focus on putting more muscles the right way.

NOTE: Most of the below mentioned weight gain apps are updated to work with smart watches as well which logs your result.

1. Jefit

When it comes to hardcore workouts only a few are as perfect as Jefit. It provides focused and realistic images that can help you to figure out a move. Jefit, despite of its huge exercise library with 1300 activities, provides a full workout tracker, timer and shortcut workout routines to save those who don’t want to customize it. It keeps track of your activities and provides you a workout profile to look at your progress. Not only this is a great weight gain app, but also great app for weight loss.


2. Lifesum

Lifesum makes it easy to gauge your overall health, providing you tips to sustain a better lifestyle and a healthier body. The app lets you take a quiz regarding your craving and general preferences to sort out the perfect diet plan for you. The app also provides suggestions regarding your dietary choices. It gives reminders periodically about eating and drinking water.


3. Keelo

When it comes to quick and effective workout Keelo steps in. Keelo uses training strategy to provide fast-paced workout lasting for 7 to 20 minutes. The workout is said to be effective and deliver results soon when done three times a week. The app provides both options, either bodyweight workouts or workouts with equipment.


4. Workout Trainer by Skimble

Skimble’s a free app for both Android and iOS which targets newcomers who want to build muscle and get in shape, but need a jump start. It breaks workout into different categories such as weightlifting or body weight. It preplans different workout routines for its users. The routines are rated on body part, time, intensity and so on. What makes this app unique is that there’s an option to link up with an online trainer and get guidance regarding your fitness progress.


5. 8fit

As far as all-rounders fitness and tracking apps are considered, 8fit’s got you covered. The free app provides the opportunity to customize your exercise and meal plans based on your goals and preferences. The app monitors the number of workouts you do every week, how many meals you take in a day and your food preferences. The app can also generate a grocery shopping list based on the recipes that you’d prepare on those days.  The app provides numerous workout options, from running to martial arts and even sexual activity.


Conclusion: Gaining weight can be as much challenging as losing weight. To ensure weight gain, make sure to maintain a healthy and calorie dense diet to ensure you fulfill your calorie intake goal per day. Consistency is the key, if you stop in between – you may end up losing all the hard work you did before. 

Here’s a picture which can help you get started with planning meal plans for your weight gain journey.


Foods to help weight gain

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