Top 5 Best Similar App Stores to Google Playstore for Android Smartphones

If you thought Google playstore was the only place to download apps from for Android smartphones, you’re wrong! There are many similar apps to the google playstore available out there. Although Google Playstore is most recommended and should always be your first choice as it is extremely safe and free from malware, where as you still run a risk from using other app stores. 

But you’re probably wondering, why use another app store when we’ve the Google Playstore?

The answer is simple. If you’re a person who loves to get freebies, special offers etc (which Google Playstore does not provide) you can find those things easily on other App stores, such as MoboGenie Appstore has a coupon system which allows you to purchase apps at a extremely cheap rate & Amazon appstore offers special discounts for Apps & Game. 

Here in this article I will be discussing the top 5 and my personal favourite best similar google playstore app stores for Android Smartphones. 

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Note: Before you can begin downloading any app from an app store other than Google Playstore, make sure to go to the security section on your phone and tick the unknown sources box, so you’re able to install apps outside of google playstore. 

#1 – Amazon AppStore

amazon app store best similar app store to google playstore for android smartphone

When looking for other app stores other than the google playstore, just like everyone else the first appstore I installed was the Amazon Appstore. Just like google playstore needs a google account, you will need an amazon account to be able to use Amazon Appstore which will only take few minutes to create. What makes the Amazon appstore popular is the fact it already has a lot of reputation like Google & it offers the most freebies as compared to other App stores. Also Amazon AppStore allows you to test Paid Apps before buying them which is a pretty awesome feature. They also offer books, movies & music at cheaper rates than the Google Playstore.

#2 – GetJar 

getjar app store best similar app store to google playstore for android smartphone

What makes GetJar a great app store is the fact that is is very organised, where apps are divided into categories and sub categories helping you find apps you desire at ease. Although the Category system may be a bit similar to the Google Playstore, what makes GetJar unique is that it offers app for other operating systems than Android too such as iOS, BlackBerry etc. and also offers a free premium app everyday just like Amazon AppStore.

#3 – MoboGenie

mobogenie app store best similar app store to google playstore for android smartphone

MoboGenie boasts about having a great recommendation system which can read your mind and suggest you apps that you’d really wanna download. Just kidding, its recommendation system works on the basis of what you search and download. What’s best about MoboGenie is that you won’t need to register at all, just install the Appstore and start downloading immediately! MoboGenie is also great for transferring files from your Phone to PC smoothly and vice versa. 

#4 – F-Droid (Recommended for Developers)

f-droid app store best similar app store to google playstore for android smartphone

This app is great for developers as the apps here are ” Open Software ” which allows you to access the Apps codes at ease and be able to make changes you wish to it or just snip a code you like and add it to your own app. F-Droid is completely free and non-profitable as they show no adverts at all with lots of free apps. F-Droid is run by donations mostly and is a great field for app developers.

#5 – Yandex.Store

yandex app store best similar app store to google playstore for android smartphone

Just like Google, there’s Yandex the biggest search engine in Russia and they’ve their own App Store as well called Yandex.Store! Before you’re able to use it, you are required to sign up for it. It also offers more than 200,000 apps and has gained popularity quickly over the past months and also offers great security as all scans are scanned by anti-virus before they’re available to the public for download. 


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