Top 5 ELD Devices

The ELD mandate began to change when the law was passed in 2015. That was the time when even the thought of changing the logging system of your entire fleet could be overwhelming.


Top 5 ELD devices


But, as the ELD mandate is fully effective now, you need to take some action.

According to the ELD mandate, you need to replace the paper logging system of your fleet – tracking their operational hours – with smart electronic devices. However, these devices need to be registered with FMCSA.

These ELD devices start tracking the hours of operation of your fleet as soon as you plug them into the engines of your vehicles.

In this article, we will share the top 5 ELD devices with you, some shared from


Top 5 ELD Devices


Following are the top 5 ELD devices:


1. Keep Truckin ELD Device:

This is one of the most famous ELD devices. Among many good things, its user-friendly interface is its best feature.

Like all other ELD devices, there is a small monthly fee for using Keep Truckin ELD device. For using this device, you need to pay only $35 a month over a period of three years.

With the standard features of an ELD device, Truckin ELD device has some additional features as well. These features include fuel monitoring, tampering alerts, geofencing, and engine diagnostics.


2. BigRoadDashLink ELD:

In 2012, BigRoad was one of the first logbook app launched in the Apple store. You can download the app for free, but every user who wants to access the data – whether the driver or the dispatcher – has to pay a fee.

The ELD device of BigRoadDashLink can be connected directly to the diagnostic port of the truck, and automatically sends information back to its app. 

DashLink ELD device has a separate monthly charge, however, when used together with the app, it provides the best solution for a price to the truckers.


3. Linxup ELD Device:

If you are looking for a powerful yet simple and affordable way of managing your fleet with valuable equipment, LinkxupELD device is the best option for you.

It helps you in increasing the efficiency of your fleet through insightful reports, easy to use maps, and efficient tools like alerts.

While using the Linxup ELD device, download the free app on your Android or iOS device and manage your business anytime anywhere.


4. EROAD Ehubo ELD Device:

EROAD is one of the most accurate, durable, and dependable logging system in the market. With an affordable price, the easy to use interface makes it the best option for many truckers.

To use this device, you don’t need to pay anything upfront, however, a monthly fee of $35 has to be paid for 3 years.


5. Blue Ink Technology ELD Device:

This is another easy to use ELD device that you can use to manage the logging system of your fleet. It is easy to install as well.

It has no monthly fee, and you need to pay only $295 for 3 years. This pricing plan without any monthly contract is easier for independent truck drivers and smaller fleets. This one-time price also makes it cheaper in long run.


We hope that this list of top 5 ELD devices would make it easier for you to choose the best logging system for your fleet.


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