Top 5 Free Best Android Apps to scare your friends on Halloween

Since we live in the generation of smartphones, there are more ways to scare your friends or strangers than just decorating your house with spooky stuff. Thanks to the many apps available out there on the Google playstore, you can surprisingly scare your friends easily without them being suspicious with the help of your smartphone. Here in this article I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favourite and free android apps you can use to scare your friends or other people on Halloween.

#1 – Creepypasta

creepypasta best free android app to scare your friends people on halloween

Who hasn’t heard about Creepypasta? Well, If you have heard of it and used it atleast once in your lifetime, then you must already know it’s not wise to browse their site during night or when alone. Don’t be fooled by the name, it may sound friendly or funny to you at first but infact the website itself is not friendly or funny at all! The name creepy pasta originates from the word ” Copy pasta ” (why the pasta though?) used as a Internet slang for terms which are copy/pasted from website to website. Creepypasta contains horror stories that will terrify youv, preventing you from going to the bathroom at night alone for days. If you’re up for the challenge, install the app or simply visit their website and read their stories out aloud with a group of friends.

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#2 – Scare Prank

scare prank best free android app to scare your friends people on halloween

The app is simple to use, you choose a horrifying picture and sound along with the timer you want them to appear then you hand it to your friend and watch them get scared. It’s recommend to make your friend put on earphones before handing the phone over so they’d get more terrified from the sound.

If you’re an iOS user, there’s a even better app similar to this available on the Apple store for free, which goes by the name ” Scary Prank ” The app is a game, so as they’re playing, a ghost will jump out suddenly together with a loud scary voice. The app owner also gave a disclaimer saying that they’re not responsible if your friend drops your phone, so use at your own risk. 

#3 – ZombieBooth 2

zombiebooth 2 best free android app to scare your friends people on halloween

If you’re interested in uploading a photo of yourself with a scary face without having to work hard on the editing, this app is for you. So you don’t have to use photoshop and gets the job done in seconds. Features a wide variety of zombie effects you can add to your photos that your friends or other people won’t even be able to recognize you! When you’re done editing, this app allows you to share your picture easily to famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

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#4 – Shake – Scary Face

shake scary face best free android app to scare your friends people on halloween

As the name suggests, when you shake your phone a scary face will be revealed which might even scare you surprisingly if you’re not careful enough! Although it is a battery eater, so make sure to disable it when you’re done with it. Also allows you to load your own photos, so you can simply download any scary photos from the net you like and use them for this App!

#5 – Ghost Radar

ghost radar classic best free android app to scare your friends people on halloween

This app was developed to ACTUALLY detect paranormal activities as mentioned on their app’s page but in the end they also said that they don’t guarantuee any accurateness as the app cannot be verified scientifically and should only be used for entertainment purposes only. This is one of my favourite apps. Whether you believe in this app or not, it’s pretty much fun to use with your friends to create spookiness.


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