Top 5 Free Useful Apps every Driver Must have

Drivers born in the previous generation were unlucky as compared to today’s generation as they didn’t have smartphones back then. Back then, you’d have to ask people info about roads, gas stations etc hoping they’d give you the correct information but now thanks to smartphones that problem has been eliminated as there are many free applications available out there that users can download to help ease driving. Here in this article I’ll be discussing Top 5 of my favourite free apps that every driver should install on their smartphones.

#1 – Sygic (Offline GPS Navigation)

sygic offline gps navigation useful app every driver must have

After installing this app, you’d never have to buy a map or ask a single person any info about roads, gas stations etc. It helps navigate you around any city of your choice with respect to shortest route and even if you go the wrong way, it will display another route from that road. What’s best about this app is that it doesn’t require a Internet connection at all, only requires you to have your phone’s GPS turned on and you can use the app anywhere! The app also displays interesting places to visit (restaurants, cafes, shops etc) which you can view by pressing ” POI “. Sygic also allows you to save common locations you visit for use later on. Sygic also offers voice navigation so there won’t be any need to use hands, only your ears and gives you options of audio sounds to choose from (e.g: homer simpson, mr burns etc) which is pretty awesome. You’ve option to display the streets in 3D or 2D. The only con is that it isn’t completely free as first 6 days are free only and you’d have to pay if you want to use the app further, although this is the best navigation app you would find out there hence I advise you to make good use of this app in those 6 days or just purchase it after the trial’s over, in order to continue using it.

#2 – Waze

waze offline gps navigation useful app every driver must have

An alternative to Sygic, this app can also help you save money by helping you cut down on those speeding tickets by displaying speed limits of upcoming streets, other than it’s very useful on detecting blocked roads, places in construction etc so you don’t waste time going there. Waze is also useful for helping you navigate from place to place just like Sygic. Also users are given the freedom to report areas for other users to see where others will be allowed to judge whether the report is genuine or not. Waze boasts about more than million users using it and it is no surprise at all.

#3 – GasBuddy

gasbuddy offline gps navigation useful app every driver must have

As the name suggests, GasBuddy is an app for iPhone that displays the closest gas stations to you along with their prices, a useful app if you want to locate gas stations easily or find the cheapest gas station closest to you. The cons of this app is that it only displays gas stations in Canada and USA so the app is pretty much useless if you’re living outside these both mentioned countries.

#4 – OpenBay

openbay offline gps navigation useful app every driver must have

You must’ve probably heard of the famous app “Uber”. Well, OpenBay is like the Uber version of Auto repair. This app will help you find a great mechanic to fix your car at the cheapest rate. Instead of you bidding to your mechanic to do your work, mechanics will be the ones bidding instead. The app is genuine and so far I’ve never encountered a fraud Mechanic and was asked to pay exactly as it said on OpenBay.

#5 – Find My Car

find my car offline gps navigation useful app every driver must have

As the name says, with the help of this app you can locate your car easily after parking it in a crowded car park. It allows you to remember your car’s position by setting gps, taking pictures etc and then also helps you navigate to your car with the help of google navigation. This app is useful for those drivers who’ve a bad memory, otherwise don’t bother installing this app as it’d just wast your phone’s memory. 


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