Top 5 Instant Messagging Apps

If you own an smartphone and still use text for instant messaging, you need to get out of your cave bro since this isn’t 2000 anymore where the only way to communicate with others was via texting. There are over 1000 IM apps which can help make texting easier and more enjoyable, I wouldn’t call texting “instant” messaging as usually it’s hard to get phone signals but more easier to find WiFi signals now obviously you won’t use all IM apps, it’s like using 5 remotes for one TV. So here on this article, I will be discussing Top 5 Instant messaging Apps for all Phone operating systems.

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Top 5 instant messaging apps for Android phone

#5 – Skype

Skype Android iOS App for instant messaging

Although Skype is used for video/voice calling at extremely cheap rates compared to others, it still is reliable for instant messaging as well. You can also call others on phone via skype (if you have credit). What I love the most about Skype are the emojis which move, instead of remaining static like other IM apps. Also it’s easy to send a document or any file with just a single click.

#4 – Viber

Viber available for iOS and Android Google playstore great for calling and Instant Messaging

Viber’s famous for its stickers and the online status which appears whenever they’re connected to wifi, which is useful for stalkers. You can send recorded messages, but no option to video call and you can also use the viber out call to call people who are not on viber (provided you have credit), Viber also has a great interface compared to the rest of the IM apps.

#3 – Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger famous android app for instant messaging and meeting new people online

It’s extremely simple to use and one of the most over used app out there with over 185 million downloads according to it’s Google play store page. It’s great for making friends or Dating (Tch tch). It has a built in browser making it simple to open links without having to minimize the app & awesome emojis, which can be unlocked/purchased from the Kik store.

#2 – Whatsapp

Whatsapp popular reliable app for iOS and Android for instant messaging

Obviously all you have heard about Whatsapp. The real question is who hasn’t? Everyone these days who owns an smartphone has Whatsapp installed. It’s simple to use and you can send any image or video in seconds. With the new update, they’ve also released Voice calls so if you get tired of texting or sending Audio notes you can simply switch to calling. The best thing about Whatsapp are groups, which makes messaging more enjoyable and if you’re tired of using phone, you can use Whatsapp on PC although your phone will still need to be connected to WiFi.

#1 – Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger app for iOS and Android for instant messaging

The reason why I rank this as #1 is because EVERYONE in the world has an Facebook account. Every second, more than 10 thousand people sign up for Facebook. Finding someone who is not on Facebook these days is a big challenge and what’s best about Messenger is that it supports both Phone and Web, so if your phones dies suddenly in the middle of a convo you can just switch to PC, simple! Facebook Messenger has improved remarkably over the past years. It has a voice & video call feature which is easy to use & has great quality comparable to that of Skype’s. Also you can share your location by enabling GPS so that whenever you send a message, your location will appear beneath. You can also easily send images, videos or any file easily.


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